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Why every time I put my computer to Stand By it Restart instead?

This is happening every time I put on Stand By,

The moment it flash the black screen, it restarts automatically!!

Have this ever happened to u guys?

And also this is happening when I play online game

I run the game and when it pops the black screen, my computer just restart.

WTF is wrong with my computer; I just got this computer about a month ago.

Does any1 know whats wrong with my computer and maybe know how to fix it??

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    Because you should be using a Mac.

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    go into the control panel >>power options

    and set to always on and just have your monitor go to sleep after 20 minutes...thats the biggest power user.

    Your hard drive has a rating like 200 thousand hours before failure, so it will not hurt your computer to leave it on.

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    attempt to replace your motherboard BIOS to replace your BIOS, first goto the positioning of Manufactorer of your motherboard and in acquire or help area, seek for the suited bios on your motherboard (pay interest to the type of your motherboard) after downloading it, you could replace your bios in 2 accessible tactics (it relies upon on the Manufactorer): * immediately replace the bios in abode windows and to get differences restart your pc * reproduction the updater application and the bios binary report to a floppy, then boot into dos and replace the bios

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    i occured for me too.

    i think this is because of the old Motherboard BIOS.

    try to update the BIOS

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    thjis used to happen to me

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