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Has anybody ever hit a grandslam on the 1st pitch he ever saw in the Majors?

Because Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Indians just did it against the Rangers. I know that players have hit a HR in there first AB, but has there ever been a Grand Slam in the first pitch?

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    Baseball Almanac notes that Bill Duggleby hit a grand slam in his first game for the Phillies in 1898; the site does not note what the count was when he hit the ball, and I can't find any other site that does.

    Prior to Kouzmanoff, the only other player to hit a grand slam in his first major league at-bat was Jeremy Hermida, who did it on a 1-1 count on Aug. 31, 2005, while playing for the Marlins.

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    yes Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Indians against the Rangers

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    Oh Yeah, his name was Kevin Kouzmanoff of the Indians. He sthe only one

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