can i have some tips on making my hair non-frizzy and straight please?

my hair is VERY think and curly. i hate it. can i please have some ideas about straighteners, hair products, and other ideas to make my hair straight.

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    I use factor S smoothing lusterizer - it's been a life saver after my hair got really damaged by a perm (it was incredibly dry, always static charged and looked like a poodle !)

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    Maybe you should straighten your hair with ceramic or tourmaline (not coated) flat irons. It is pretty simple to do and with practice, you can get better at it. The two problems with this method, finding the right product to make it sleek without making the hair greasy and damaging your hair when done constantly and not properly prepping the hair. Some mainstream products that might help are Matrix Sleek.look line, Beyond the Zone Turn Up the Heat Spray (sold in Sally's Beauty Supply store), Paul Mitchell Heat Works (or something like that) or my favorite Redken Smooth Down Heat Glide. Most of these contains silicones, so be careful when using this unless your hair doesn't get greasy so easily. Good luck.

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    I have Had the same exact problem I have a really think really wavy puffy hair that will not curl it's so annoying OK so here is what you do

    straighten iron

    hair dryer

    big flat brush

    leave in conditioner

    hair clips

    get you hair wet don't use conditioner use leave in condition weighs down you hair but does not make it chunky and greasy

    towel dry your hair till it's damp not soaking but not near dry

    put all you hair in a pony tail and clip in to your scalp and take

    down section by section and blow dry in against the large flat brush when its dry go through it with the straightening iron to make it straight not puffy

    you might want to go to like super cuts and get your hair trimmed and have them straighten your hair for you and watch them do it in the mirror that's how I learned

    good luck!

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    well u should get a chi srtaightner and some oil to soften ur hair. if u have a straightner already then just get some oil and put a little oil the size of a dime on ur hand and carefully put it through ur hair.after that get a brush a take out the tangles then put ur hair up and start with the very very very bottom of ur hair and grab a small part of ur hair and straighten it part by part until u get to the top.after ur finished put more oil the size of a dime in ur hair...i know this cuz my hair is really curly and it gets really puffy and frizzy and i have to straighten it every now and then.

    Source(s): after u have finished straightning it.. DO NOT WASH UR will get back to curly...ur hair will be straight for about 3-6 days. but if u wash it, it will turn curly again
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  • 1 decade ago

    My hair is the same way! I use suave shampoo and conditioner, then thermasilk straightener in the front of my hair to keep the frizz away. Any straightener usually works. Try FrizzEase hairspray, made especially for people with our hair. Loose ponys look good. I sometimes scrunch my hair in the back, to keep some curl. Good luck with your hair.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hair products and straighteners usually only last a couple of hours, for hair that will stay streight for about a month or longer go to a good hair salon and ask for an ethnic perm. This will make it nice and streight!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    you should use handmade hair mask about once per week or each and every 2 weeks with such issues as eggs, mayo, olive oil, banana, avocado, coconut or almond oil. From journey i'd recommend that you pass on line and get a product stated as professional organic’s moroccan argan oil on line by using the indisputable fact that stuff is amaaaazing on frizzy hair. It’s no longer oily and it doesn't make your hair greasy, you merely pump somewhat out and comb it with the help of your hair, it quite works quite nicely and it smells strong too

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    mine is the same way. i guess i've come to embrace it, as i usually don't do anything to it - literally. I comb it out before i wash it, towel dry it, and then do nothing to it until the next time i wash. this usually gets rid of a lot of frizz and makes my curls a lot more even and defined.

    i also have a heavy-duty straightener that i use sometimes. just make sure, if you use a flat iron, that you ALWAYS use a heat protector, otherwise it'll totally screw up your hair and you'll have to learn how to style it all over again, at least until it has a chance to recover.

  • Chloe
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    7 years ago

    If you have frizzy hair then use sulfate free shampoo! Seriously I changed over and it makes a HUGE difference. If you get silicone free conditioner then even better. I use everything by the Pro Naturals argan oil line and I really really recommend their stuff. Especially the leave in argan oil, total lifesaver for frizzy hair.

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    i use Conair hair straighteners & it really makes my hair superly duperly straight.. but i heard there are better hair straighteners in like some salons.. maybe you could ask like the hairdressers the next time u go. & there's this product called Dove flyaway tamer it works with frizzy hair too.. so try that :)

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