Can U pls tell me what has happend to me?

Last month me & my friend went on an adventure trip To india near the himalayan mountains,From that time I am felling somthing different,That peace , that silence,wish I could express it in words,Nowdays I am not getting angry or worrying about anything,

Can u tell me why is this happening to me,By the way I am an atheist & don't believe in god,I have travelled all around the globe,but this experience is very different

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    1 decade ago
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    like it reminded you about something in the tip of your fingers?

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    If you have traveled all around the globe you have probably experienced many things that have changed you in some way and you have probably experienced many things that made you feel different ways. I would think that finding a place that is peaceful and tranquil could change your view on life and how you live it, especially when what we mostly see day to day is war and hurtful depressing behavior from people around the world ("no news is good news" sort of thing). Being somewhere that brought it into perspective that life doesn't have to be like that might help you feel or realize you have control over your own mood and attitude. Be happy that you have come to acknowledge this and don't worry too much about it. Spirituality does not necessarily have anything to do with God or religion for a lot of people. It doesn't have to change your position on being an atheist, for example.

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    That, is the beauty of the himalayan range/mountains. They give you peace of mind. I went there once and when I saw the majestic mountains towering above , together with those white snowy ice caps, you can call it heaven (metaphorically, because I'm an atheist too.)

    But how can there be silence? Winds are blowing hard, weren't they? Or maybe it has just stopped at that time and it was EXTRA silence? Wow.

    By the way, humans are always impressed of something majestic subconsciously, although some prefer not to admit it. It's normal and it has nothing to do with God, don't worry.

  • beast
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    1 decade ago

    Maybe the way some people use the word god has caused you to associate it with superstition. I'm not an atheist, but I don't use the word god to describe my experiences. I call it the universe.

    Feeling as though you are one with the universe instead of a random particle bouncing off the walls of other people's ideas is a great relief.

    The next answer on this page, by Jim, reveals the true nature of belief: mindless, aggressive ignorance and selfishness. You don't have to believe anything that you experience first hand. And you don't have to call it anything or give it any name. May he wake up some day and experience peace first hand.

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    did something happen there? something spiritual? I think there is a time when a person finds that they can be happy regardless of any outside factors. Just being happy sitting there for instance. Smiling for no reason. I have felt this, but sadly it did not last. I think you have found that certain something and are at peace. And i dont think that you have to believe in a god to find this peace (i'm agnostic), but i have seen that believing does help- because you give all your worries and problems to god. Alot of people that believe are happy and at peace, because they practice living that way.

    I am happy that you found peace- i know how it feels and now i kinda live my life hoping to find it again :)

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    Some people say Jesus visited India in his travels. What you experienced is your own life's journey, the very simplest, beautiful, and honest ways to experience God in your life. You are growing up/older and accumulating experiences. Be mindful of how you feel and try to bring the feelings you had in the mountains to your everyday life. That's all you need to know, you've earned an honest serenity many never reach in a church. Just keep living and take that feeling with you. Better yet, share it.

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    I feel that any explanation from anyone else would tend to adulterate your experience. I do not think it matters whether you believe in God or not. I would just allow the experience to be as it was (is), without too much wondering (analyzing). You know the peace you feel is real. Ask, "What am I going to do with this sense I have found within myself?" Follow the answer you what you know to be so, and live so that others can see it in you, and learn to gain the same for themselves.

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    Maybe it's time you considered that there is something out there?? I would in general say that the change was for the better, right?? Or do you prefer being angry? If you like the change, just embrace it. If you still don't believe in God, that is okay I guess, just be happy and live your life in peace. If you can't believe, then just enjoy.

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    1 decade ago

    You have found true peace within yourself and that is a great thing to have and to feel. You'll now know what kills people young and the world has gone mad because some people lack that true peace.

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    Don't analyze it.Just accept it as a magnificent gift.It is very rare for someone to be calm nowdays.

    I believe in God and I believe that God likes you and wants you by His side.Try to reconsider some things.It will be good for you!I feel happy when things like that happen!

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