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Haircuts for straight hair?

Dos anyone know of any websites that have a lot of good pics of haircuts for straight hair?

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    i dont know of any websites, but you should cut your hair to a few inches below your shoulders with side bangs and layers...thats the way her friend has hers and i think it looks really cute!

    if you want long hair, grow it down to your elbows and wear it down. another hairstyle...take the top layer of your hair and pull it back into a half-ponytail.

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    I can t ever find any good websites, go to wal-mart and look in the magazines section, I look at the hair cut books, if I find one that I really like then I will buy the book to take to the salon, that way I get my hair exactly how I want it.

  • Yep. Layers. Or it looks very plain and drab. Just go to the beauty salon. They'll have lots and lots of magazines of hairstyles so you can tell them what you want and they'll understand right away. And the magazines will be up to date as to trends and stuff.

    Source(s): Experience. The internet sucks.
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    1 decade ago website. but get it cut into layers. it gives it more body!

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    just go to google

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