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What is the answer to this Calculus problem?

(1 pt) You are given the four points in the plane \(A = (-5,4)\), \ \(B = (-3,-7)\), \ \(C = (-1,5)\), and \(D = (4,-2)\). The graph of the function \(f(x)\) consists of the three line segments \(AB\), \(BC\) and \(CD\). Find the integral \(\displaystyle \int_{-5}^{4} f(x)\,dx\) by interpreting the integral in terms of sums and/or differences of areas of elementary figures.

\(\displaystyle \int_{-5}^{4} f(x)\,dx =\)

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    do your own homework.

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    I cannot read your question, you apparently copied and pasted from another program and the formatting mark are showing. Approach this problem by graphing the three points given and joining them with the line seqments specified. Draw vertical lines from each point to the x-axis. If the integral of the function is what is asked for, that is the area under the line seqments. There is a geometric figure formed by the line segment and the verticals at each end. It is a rectange with a triangle at the top. Calculate the area of these figures to obtain your integral.

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    The answer is simple. Burn The Piece of paper the problem is on and the problem is no more.

    I did calculus at uni a while ago but I do not feel like reaserching it today. Sorry. I had a wild Saturday.

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    gosh,, i know that before but that was long time ago0 min college

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