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How cold are winters in Chicago?

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    Here is a link to a chart of Chicago temperature averages.

    The record low temperature was set on January 20, 1985 when the thermometer read 27 degrees below zero. The coldest winter was the winter of 1976-1977 when the temperature remained below freezing for 43 consecutive days.

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    The winters can be very cold. The temperature can be below zero for a good part of the winter and the wind chill factor can make it even worst. There has been times when they have wind chill warnings because if you go out without layers of uncovered skin you can get frostbite. Yeah I love Chicago but the winter are freezing.

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    I've experienced -28 F twice about 20 years apart. Both of those temps were in very cold winters. Lately it has not been too cold nor snowy.

    The factor that makes our winters cold is the wind. This is the "Windy City." Local forecasters always give the "wind chill factor" as part of the statistics.

    As a result native Chicagoans dress in layers with a "windbreaker" outer layer. Only the "very crazy" don't wear gloves, boots and a hat...or at least ear protectors.

    Source(s): native
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    It kind of depends. Actually, the past few winters haven't been so bad. We've had virtually no below zero days (although a few went to below zero with the wind chill), and the snow fall has been fairly moderate for the Midwest. You can expect the temperatures in November to be between 40-55, December from 20-45, January 15-35 (it's the worst month), February 20-35, March 30-50.

    Source(s): lifelong Chicagoan (I have the snow shovels and boots to prove it!)
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    There's a saying about Chicago weather. If you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait 5 minutes it will change. It can be 2 below one day, 25 the next. We've had crippling snow storms in 1967 and 1979.Heavy snow in other years that sometimes takes the city days to plow the side streets. We've had a few snowy days, but nothing like when I was a kid.

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    When I visited there in February 2000, it was 5 degrees outside on a sunny day and with the "wind chill factor" (and it was windy!), it felt like -10 below. Yikes!

    To sum it up, Chicago gets hella cold!

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    They can be very cold, and snowy because of the lake.I've seen at least 28 to 30 degrees on a regular basis and there are time its been well below 0

  • people tend to exaggerate about the cold temperatures. and eeven thought i can honestly say i love warm weather just as much as tne next person. i can def. say that the winters are not that bad. The only thing that is certain about chicago is it is def. the windy city

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    its not the cold that gets which is can be real cold its the wind usually it can get below 0 and single digits alot but most of the time its between 15 to 25 deg

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