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My two cories had fin rot. I put in a tablet for curing fin rot and....?

I put a tablet in, and thankfully, one doesn't have fin rot now, but the other still does. So in a few days I changed 25% of the water and put in another tablet, because one still had fin rot and the box said that you could put more tablets in if you wait 4 days and change 25% of the water. HE STILL HAS IT!!! What should I do? I don't want to always be treating his water, he could go into stress and die!!! What do I do???

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    up the salt content of your water (1tbsp/5 gal if there is no salt in your tank, a little higher if this is where you normally keep it) and raise the temp to between 80-82 deg Fahrenheit if you haven't already.

    on top of this, i give my fish (mostly bettas though) salt baths which always cure fin rot for me:

    1tbsp aquarium salt / 1gal

    same temp as tank

    15-20 min, 1-2 times/day

    hope that helps. good luck!

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    Fin/Tail rot is treatable if it isn't in it's advanced stages. If he is still experiencing the rot (and you have done the maximum treatment to try and cure the condition) it may be too late for him.

    What kind of meds are you using? I'd recommend the Virbac Animal Health Mardel products (specifically Maracyn-2) if you are not already using it.

    Source(s): Virbac Animal Health - check out the Mardel line of products
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    Are you sure he is still sick? The damage caused by the disease will take time to grow back. The new tissue will look whitish as it fills in the areas that rotted away.

    Source(s): 25 years of keeping and spawning many different species of tropical fish. 22 tanks up and running at present. I have worked in both the retail and wholesale tropical fish business.
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    first of all, you should put the diseased fish in a separate tank/bowl for a while... the disease is very contagious. then try again. when this happened to me, i tried my best to treat it but i still lost several fish.

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