What places in Europe are the most friendly to people coming as a tourist?

Also, which places have the meanest?


By the way, I'm from the USA

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    I 've been to euro 2x ( 3 in Nov)

    I backpacked alone in nov2003. I found the french to be the nicest- no matter what people say.

    People are as nice to you as you are to them. One big tip is even if you don't speak their language ( which I don't) at least say hello to them in their language.

    Have fun!!

    ps- email a copy of your passport to yourself- that way if anything happens- you can access it!

    pss- The best thing you can do is keep a journal- Write in it everyday- a few months after your trip- you won't remember all the little details. I have awesome journals, I take receipts, cards whatever I come across in them- They're fun to read now!

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    I thought that Hungary was the best for people being just down right friendly. I also really like the French but a lot of Americans have trouble. Looks like that one girl saw the good side of them though. Every where is generally friendly as long as you aren't a loud obnoixious tourist who wants to make sure everyone know they are American. Otherwise just try and follow the example of their culture. Try and blend in. People are pretty friendly most of the time if they think you are taking a real interest in their culture and country. The only place I really hated was Turkey. Most because they were too friendly and they could be very rude if you didn't want what they were selling or want them.

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    Many European countries are Anti-American since this whole Iraqi War. I travelled there right before 9 - 11 and people repected Americans. Now, thats not the case. People feel as though President Bush has dragged their countries into this political frenzy. I know the citizens as a whole of England, France, and Germany are not too thrilled with us right now. Ireland and Scotland stay fairly Neutral in these matters, as does Amsterdam, Holland & Sweden

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    Hello "Darling"!

    It is known that Greeks are the "inventors" of hospitality! Even the creator has the name Xenios, meaning "hospitable"!

    People are nice, as long visitors respect and have principles (not necessarily same)!

    For example, when the Greek Basketball team wan against the USA team, the USA Ambassador congratulated by hanging a poster writing in Greek: Congratulations Greece!

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    It depends on a number of things The country you visit politically may have some differences with our politics, but the local average citiizen is usually great. Most important, however, is how you act. Most Europeans go out of their way to be courteous and friendly. One of the best ways to learn about the particular country is to visit the local taverns, bars, pubs, hauf brau houses, etc. Be humble!

    Source(s): Have been to Europe at least five times.
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    we went to Holland when I was 13....they were the finest, sweetest people that i had ever met. They would go out of the their way to speak english to us....and would even make special deliveries to our home.

    more Americans should act this way toward foreigners.

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    Turkey. Trust me my mom went to Turkey and had a cup of tea every time she walked into a shoppe. (with the owner of the store of course)

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    HI,, I work overseas,,, Europe and the Middle East,,,,, I am going to be honest with you ,,, I have never been mistreated in all my travels,,, except in one country... England.....

    I was in college in London, and we were treated like Crap,, there,,,all of us Americans,,, no kidding.... and I have English-Welsh relatives.....I was shocked......

    good luck

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    If your cool theyre cool. Look most Europeans like to talk about topics that Amis find taboo. That isnt because they dont like americans it just they like to debate.

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