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How do you make your computer turn on and off automatically?

I have an Xp Windows computer and I know that macs have the option but I can't seem to find out if windows computers do. Need an answer wheter to if they do or not and if they do how to set it up. Thanks!!!!!!

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    They don't actually turn on and off automatically, becuase once something is off, the power stops flowing through the system and its not turning on again untill the circut is completed via the push of a button.

    What they do is really similar to hybernation. You can access this 'sleep' feature in the Power-Management section of your Screen-saver tab under the Display options (control panel> display OR rightclick on the desktop and click 'display').

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    Hi. Some computers have a "scheduled time on" option in the bios. WinXP has a "scheduled task" manager in the control panel. Start>Control panel>Scheduled tasks. There are shutdown programs available on-line.

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