Is Bisexuality in 12 yr. olds normal? (EDIT!)?

Okay, so, I have a friend. She's only 12, and she confessed to me that she likes both boys AND girls. I don't have anything against it, but... is this wrong? Or is it perfectly normal?

EDIT: I'm not saying she's having /sex/. I'm saying she's attracted to both genders.

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    Yes normal........ Being attracted to the same gender doesn't necessarily mean she's bisexual ............ maybe she admires the way they look ........ You know deep inside wanting to look like them ..........

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    My opinion is there is no such thing as Bisexual. You're either gay or straight. Therefore your friend is admitting that she is gay, apparently. However, it's normal for her to already know her sexual preference at the age 12. This is about the same time normal girls start getting crazzzzzzzy about little boys. Advise her to wait until she's much older to engage in sexual acts. If someone really respects her and her mind then they will wait until she's of age.

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    I Mean No It Is Not Normal But It Does Happen As Long As She Leaves You Alone And Dont Hit On You Your Alright Because Gay Friends Are The Best To Go Shopping With

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    This is quite common and it is nothing that she should be made to feel ashamed of. She must really trust you a lot to confide in you and I think thats great. Let your friend know that you will be there should she need to talk. No one can tell anyone who to love or like. God says for us to love one another and he will make the final judgement. If she need to more information there are a lot of great books at your local library. Here are a "Lark in the Morning" by Nancy Garden (1991)

    "Deliver Us From Evie" by M.E. Kerr (1994)

    "Dive" by Stacy Donovan (1996)

    "Good Moon Rising" by Nancy Garden (1996)

    "The Necessary Hunger" by Nina Revoya (1997)

    "The House You Pass Along the Way" by Jacqueline Woodson (1997)

    "Hard Love" by Ellen Wittlinger (1999)

    "Finding H.F" by Julie Watts (2001)

    few titles

    Also encourage her to talk openly about it with her parents there is nothing to be afraid of.

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    It is perfectly normal to be attracted to both genders. And yes at age 12.

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    She is toooo young to even worry about that. She could very well be confusing the love for a close friend. It is difficult for adults to evaluate emotions, so needless to say that a 12 year old will not be mature enough yet to know which end is up with her emotional feelings. Guide her towards a pastor that is understanding and calm.

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    It is fine at any age to like both boys and girls she however may not be by in a couple years. she could still be deciding on her sexuality and no matter if she decides that she likes girls or guys or both it remains perfectly normal and no matter what her sexuality stay her friend!!

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    being attracted to the same gender doesnt mean that you are bisexual.. she may be on a stage where she's havin an identity crisis.. all of us go through that stage.. it's normal.. and what is abnormal is when she cant get over that stage and she act upon that urge to have sexual relationship with the same gender.. she'll be needing her family's support and also your support to be able to get out of this stage and be able to define her own sexuality..

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    My mum and dad constantly enable me have boyfriends, yet did not enable me honestly pass on dates until eventually I grew to become sixteen. I had a boyfriend while i grew to become into 12, and it relies upon on the guy, yet easily maximum folk of 12-twelve months-olds are not going to do something undesirable with a boy at that age. Relationships that youthful are nonetheless fairly lots a shaggy dog tale, and that i don't likely see the wear and tear in them. If I had a daughter and that i depended on her, i might enable her have a boyfriend yet i would not enable them to pass out on dates. As for facebook, my mom did not enable me have one until eventually i grew to become into 14. i think of 13 is a robust age. there is not something risky approximately facebook as long as she gadgets her profile on inner maximum and would not upload/refer to human beings she would not be responsive to. And 13 is the criminal minimum age for facebook.

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    At 12 you need to find you place .. i had no idea what was what at 12 . giveit some time enjoy live and stay in school and dont do drugs

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