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My friends dog is constipated or has an obstruction(they can't afford a Vet.)?

does anyone out there have any HOME, or "OVER THE COUNTER" remedies that might help "move this along", so the speak!

If it were one of my dogs, we would be at the Vet's office right Now, but theses kids just can't afford it at this time.

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    try plain, unflavored or unperfumed, MINERAL OIL.......

    you can get it at the pharmacy......

    they give it to babies and children who are constipated / blocked.....

    it is safe...you cannot give too much...and does NOT get absorbed...it passes straight through the intestines to lubricate and hasten things along....

    give 2 full tablespoons at first....if that doesn't work after an hour or so.....give two more, every hour...until something happens...

    I would say, that if it doesn't help...your friends will need a vet...whether or not they can afford it.

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    If it is an OBSTRUCTION, trying to "move things along" may prove fatal. If these people cannot afford a vet when it is necessary,or cannot borrow money from someone..they should give the dog to a shelter and not have pets. It is sad that a dog can hang out with a potentially fatal but treatable condition because the owner has no money. They probab;y have a TV or something they can hock to pay for a vet.

    Source(s): Vet Tech/dog breeder
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    If the dog has an obstruction....it will soon be a dead dog...Get him to the vet..there is no home redmedy for it besides death. Why do they own a dog if they cannot afford to take it to the vet in a life and death situation. Have them tell the vet the problem and I am sure that the vet will allow some sort of a payment plan.

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    If they have a sick dog and cannot afford to go to the vet then they do not need a pet at all! Things happen with animals same as with children - they need to find him another home - an obstruction is serious and the dog really needs to see a vet.

    Source(s): Experienced Cocker Spaniel owner/breeder and Vet Tech - http://www.roberson-cocker-spaniels.com/
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    If it is a simple case of constipation, a couple of spoonfuls of canned pumpkin should do the trick. If there is an obstruction, the dog will most likely die without going to the vet and probably having surgery.

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    call around to vets on your section and notice if absolutely everyone can artwork out a charge plan with you. There might desire to be something incorrect with this canines from allergic reactions, fleas, mange, etc. etc., and purely a vet can provide help to realize what the perfect scientific care and diagnosis would be. It looks like now at least your canines desires oral antibiotics and a topical cream/spray to get this below administration. i do no longer understand why vendors think of that there is a few magical answer to each ailment which would be administered at homestead, yet there is no longer. in case you had sores throughout your physique and have been pulling out your hair, would not you bypass to a doctor?

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    It really needs to see the vet maybe the vet might work on a payment plan some do?? good luck constipation can be very painfull

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    There are vets who will take payments,Have them call everyone and in the meantime,get some butter and thinkly caot a slice of bread.get the dog to eat two or 3 slices.the butter will grease up anything stuck and the bred will coat anything sharp like bone splinters or glass.Call every vet in the phone book too! tell them whats wrong and im sure youll find one to even just x-ray him to see whats wrong.Good luck!

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    Boiled eggs chopped up and pour cooking oil over them, I have used this before with my dog.....If it don't work soon, obstructions can kill a dog just like a person.....Is it a LONG hair dog, Might be matted on the behind....have them check that out

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    You can have them try things like Metamucil (mix it with the food, doesn't have any taste if they get plain) but obstructions can kill dogs, so if it doesn't work in a day or two, they need to either take him in or get ready for him to be put down. Serious business.

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