How do you study to be a voice-over artist?

What kind of education do you need?

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    You will want to start with a professional demo tape. When I say professional, you don't want to tape record yourself on a cassette tape with all the pops and hisses. Why not start with a broadcasting school and go for an interview/audition and let them critique you. Then find out if they have a service where their radio students can use the school equipment to get you a demo tape. It's worth asking. You can also get started by donating your time and voice to a non-profit organization which you can add to your demo tape (reading audio books or offering to do voice over on a radio promotion spot). There are books in your local library that offer more tips on putting your mouth where the money is. No special education is required but being in the right place at the right time is. Get your demo tape out there and pass it around. That million dollar break may just be around the corner.

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    1 decade ago

    None, my friend is a voice actor and she's only 14. You just have to find an agency and audition.

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    1 decade ago

    Like acting, there is no degree you have to have, but ti would help to get some traing in acting, or a degree. It is always best to get experance. Try to get an agent and see what happens. Good luck.

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