How to fill out a daily trucking logbook?

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    Figure out how many hours a day you can drive first. Use the numbers on top are your hours of the day.Mark 1/2 hour for Inspection,Sleeping mark off so many hours .When you are finished for the day mark it as off duty. You still have to put where you delivered and the times will be on your bill of sale.Alot of people jiggle them but there is a limit on far you can go.

  • If you refer to the daily logs mandated in the U.S., you must choose which of four categories best describes your activity, 24/7/365. The four categories are:

    Driving All driving time is on this line, even if sitting in a four hour long traffic jam.

    On duty, not driving This is for your pre or post trip inspection, [I use a 15 minute segment], fueling, waiting to be loaded or unloaded, being inspected by the D.O.T., attending driving related classes, even sitting in the passenger seat doing paperwork.

    Sleeper berth All time logged in the berth must actually be in the bunk.

    Off duty Any non-driving related activity.

    At the end of each 24 hour period, you must total the time spent on each line, and the totals must equal 24 hours. You may not exceed 11 hours driving time, or 14 hours on duty time, and you must log 8 consecutive hours in the sleeper berth, before beginning to drive again, after reaching the 11 hour limit. You must log 10 hours off duty in each 24, and taking a 2 hour nap in the middle of the day does NOT stop the 14 hour onduty clock.

    Totals for driving and onduty time must be added to the previous day's, then subtracted from either 70 or 80 hours, [depending on whether you are using a 6 or 7 day schedule], to get the total hours available for driving the next day. When you have reached your maximum allowable driving time, you must log 34 consecutive hours off duty, after which the cycle begins again.

    Finally: if you perform any work for pay on your days off, it is to be logged as 'on duty, not driving' as well.

    It's best if you have someone show you how it's done, because it is a legal document - the penalties for falsifying a log are steep.

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