Good Excercise @ a Desk Job???

I am basically manacled to a desk for 10 (+) hours a day -and we are FORBIDDEN to get up and walk around -other than break times (during which I do nothing BUT walk!). By the time the day is done, I am too mentally exhausted to exercise -yet my butt and thighs continue to get bigger and bigger! -I am already a vegetarian that watches my sweets/sodium/carbs/fat intake, but if my diet gets any healthier or skimpier -I'll be a vegan!

Silly as this whole scenario sounds, does anyone have any ideas for stretching or toning techniques that can be done @ a desk, so that I don't either have to give up my job, or buy a whole new wardrobe for my hips and everything below them?


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    while sitting at your desk, you can squeeze your buns together for a few seconds and release. you can move your legs and invest in hand weights and do a few reps here and there. walk during your breaks and lunch break. and, WALK after work even though you are mentally exhausted. walk at your normal pace for 5 minutes then pick up the pace. work up to an hour a day 5 days a week. you FEEL tired because you are lacking oxygen in your blood. if you get your blood circulating, you will feel more alert and alive. try getting in a walk BEFORE work as well to help jumpstart your day. don't buy clothes to help you cover yourself because the bigger your clothes get, the bigger you get. you can make time to exercise. make sure to eat plenty of protein which will keep you energized. eat high quality, high fiber, whole wheat, whole grain carbs as well. keep plenty of fruits and vegies on hand as well. drink plenty of good cold water and green tea through out the day. eat 3 moderate meals and 3 snacks a day and to lose weight, you should be eating between 1500-1700 calories a day and 2000-2200 calories to maintain. good luck

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    I saw on t.v. a while ago that people who stand up for a longer period of time throughout the day have a higher metabolism. They were looking in to changing offices and class rooms around to support this theory. Because it is a known fact that Americans are getting fatter. Especially children in recent years.

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    1) Instead of sitting on a chair, sit on a stability ball (make sure to get the right ball for your height). Sitting on a stability ball enables your core muscles.

    2) Resistance Tubing is also good to use as well as hands/ankle weights during your walk to add an extra challenge.

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    One thing I like to do is stand up when I'm talking on the phone. I know it sounds minor, but at least it gets you moving. Also, I've incorporated early-morning workouts to my day--I am *not* a morning person, but it really worked once I got into the habit.

    Good luck!

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    that is sweet that you would prefer to get somewhat workout right here and there for the time of artwork, yet do not pass loopy. Use the time you're not any more operating to get maximum of your workout. attempt leaning again each and every of ways, tightening your abdomen, and doing little crunches ahead. hopefully you'll commence to experience it after a lengthy time period. you need to also do somewhat for the time of your wreck, yet do get some wreck. After operating for a lengthy time period, that is sweet for your body to have some sit back time.

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