What is one good reason why you believe God does not exist?

I want real answers, not something you think makes you sound cool. I whole heartedly believe in God, and I simply want to know the reasons why some don't. I'm not going to try and sell my faith to you or push it at you and I expect the same from you. Just simply tell me why you don't believe in God. Thanks.


I believe in God because I can feel him around me. I obviously don't see him or hear him, but I can sense that he's here by the things that happen. For example, a little over a week ago my father was diagnosed with lung cancer. He undeniably had cancer. He had surgery this last Monday and when they biopsied the spot from his lung they said that it was dead tissue. The doctors said themselves that in a weeks time the spot on his lung had gone from cancer to dead tissue. Not only that but how do you explain really amazing things? Like when newborn infants smile? Or when Katrina hit, there was a religious statue (my memory fails me just now as to what exactly it was) in a park and everything around it was destroyed, yet the statue didn't even suffer a scratch. How do you explain miracles?

Update 2:

Who said that God sends death, disease, suffering, pain and everything else bad? The way I see it, that's Satan trying to turn us against God. It's a genius plan really. If people believe in God and go through a ton of horrible things, what will they think of this merciful God? They'll stop believing. You don't have to worship Satan to please him, all you have to do is stop believing in God. God doesn't send us misfortune, let alone send it as punishment. Why doesn't he do anything about it? He does. He gives us courage and strength to carry on. He won't just take away the pain because in order to see his love for us we have to suffer. He suffers more than we do. He is forced to watch the people he loves hurt unendingly, he has to watch them turn away from him. You hurt him more on a daily basis, than he supposedly hurts you you're entire life. Everyone does, but he loves us anyways.

Update 3:

I would appreciate it if you wouldn't TELL me who I will give best answer to, and who I won't. People who do not believe are far more prejudice than those that do believe. Those that truly and honestly believe in God understand acceptance towards others. The reason that most people don't believe is because they are scared. They are afraid of feeling foolish when others say, "Where was you God when this happened.", or "Why didn't your God help those people." Good people die, I know, terrible things happen to perfectly wonderful people, and good things happen to those who don't deserve it, but who are we to decide that someone is deserving? Who made us so almighty? We ourselves have declared our superiority over others because we are ignorant. You are absolutely free to feel however you like. You say there is no God, so be it. Just be willing to suffer the consequences when judgement day comes. Enjoy your points!

Update 4:

I never said that you can only have one reason to believe what you believe. I asked you to tell me one of your reasons. Meaning, I understand that you feel there are many, so name one. Unless that's too much to ask. Opinions are immunity to being told you're wrong. It's not my opinion that God exists, I know for a fact that there is a God.

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    What is one reason you believe god does exist?

    What is one reason you love someone?

    It's not one reason will not justify the subject...it's an accumulation.

    You will give "best answer" to someone who believes what you do, anyway...

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    When my late sister died at just barely 2 months I stopped believing, but that was more than a decade ago and since then regain my faith but I just wanted to share that because people can turn their back on god no matter what they believe, its all about faith, and some things like mine can make us turn away from god. So its not a sense of not understanding why others dont, just realize that everyone has different views and different lives that aren't as privelleged as others and could be possibly one of the many reasons why ppl turn their backs on god.

  • Craig
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    I do not believe in God because God simply isn't there. No matter how much we time we spend gazing out at the stars or into a test-tube, he simply doesn't appear. For centuries scientists like Newton and Darwin tried to understand God by studying his creation. As they got further and further into it, however, they realised that God was unnecessary, and was never anything more than an abstraction of the human mind.

  • wrf3k
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    I don't beleive in god because there isnt a need for him. If God can "just be there" as many would put it, then why can't the universe? People refuse to accept that if the world cant just be that neither can god. Also Religion was great when it was founded, it was to qualm the fears of the populace who were unable to understand what was going on around them. People fear what they cannot understand, and "god" was the solution to this. It also degrades any sense of personal responsibility in peoples lives.

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    Because there's no good reason TO believe in god. It's a logical fallacy to prove a negative, if you're going to make an assumption you have to back it up and theists have failed to do so throughout all of human history.

    EDIT: Your father may have survived but what about the hundreds of other people's fathers, and other people's mothers, and other people's children? There are people who are just as good and virtuous and died miserable deaths. God didn't help those people, god doesn't make life easier; the only way mankind's ever going to get anywhere, the only way we can help ourselves and others, is to forget about religion and work with what we know and can prove.

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    There isn't just one thing. It's a compilation of a whole stockade of things.

    Impossible logic paradoxes, wild and unprovable claims, convienent rationalizations for treating non-believers like evil children, long-lasting hypocrasy, not to mention the mangled history, science, idealized xenophobia, and misanthropy that have claimed millions of lives.

    The paradox of worshipping a deity that kills, commits genocide, causes natural disasters at a whim, casts disease on populations to punish one or two people, and yet insisting that said being is somehow "loving and just".

    Claiming that your God is somehow not to blame for the universe not being a "perfect" (whatever the hell that's supposed to look like) place despite having supposedly created it in the first place with full knowledge of what was going to happen. Claiming that we somehow have free will yet also claiming that God somehow knows every descision we are going to make in life long before we ever make it. Claiming that God somehow had to sacrifice himself to himself to save us from his own wrath when all he could have done was say "you made some mistakes, but I forgive you for them."

    The claim of a worldwide flood despite a total lack of evidence. Insistence on a 6000 year-old Earth despite the physical evidence.

    The deliberate casting of anyone who questions or defies religious leaders as "Satanic" or otherwise "evil".

    "Intelligent Design" trying to be passed off as a genuine theory when all it is is a religiously motivated belief.

    In short...the entire Christian concept of God is a portrait of a tempramental, homocidal, tyrant with an insanely touchy ego. He gets somehow better in the NT (though he still is less than a stellar example of justice and love), and then reverts to psychotic type in Revelation.

    Can you provide any evidence that any of the claims about God are in fact true? Beyond the claim made by the Bible that everything in it is true? I thought not. No proof, no belief. Too many people have been persecuted and killed over rediculously fine points of dogma that are highly subject to wild interpetation. Some definitive answers would be nice...but the only thing the theists can bring to the table are excuses and rationalizations.

    I have read the Bible from cover to cover and failed to be impressed. I do not feel any kind of presence near me when I read it, and I am repelled at many of the things that the "heroes" of the Bible do in the name of their bloodthirsty war totem. I cannot delude myself into believing in something that gives me no sense whatsoever of its presence.

    So no. I have no reason to believe God exists at all. In real life, ytour god acts exactly like a being that does not exist.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well it depends on how you're referring to God. Do you believe God is Jesus? Because I don't. I believe in God. I think there has to be some higher form that establishes our destinies. However, I don't think Jesus was God's son, or is God. I believe Jesus existed, and I don't doubt he was a great man and influenced many people. I just have a hard time swallowing that he is God.

    Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs though. I don't care as long as they're not shoved down my throat.

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    I've found that as soon as people think God exists, they expect something from God, which is wrong, and will get you nothing. As soon as I seem to think there is no material God and expect nothing special in return for the good things I do and trying to be a good person, good things (love, life beauty) seem to pour out of the woodwork. I know there is no God, but I can feel God being here despite that. I know it sounds hypocritical, but its the truth.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I do not believe in God because I look around me and I cannot see how a God of such wonderful love and patience and hope and virtue can stand to look over this world without doing something about all of the hate and destruction. That is why.

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    All religions promise that you will be able to sense/ feel/ know god, and I don't. I tried mightily as a child, for several years, to reach god, praying and all that, to no avail. I wholeheartedly believe that no god exists, or at least no god humans could ever imagine. I cannot imagine that you would simply stop believing because of me, but you should. There could be no better proof.

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