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Did you ever get caught stealing cookies from the jar when you were little?

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    My mom had cinamon discs hidden in the bottom drawer of her desk. I often would sneak in and steal a few when she was on the phone in her bedroom and run back to my room when i was little, about 5 or so. One time she asked why my breath smelled like cinamon. Thinking quick, i trotted into the kitchen, climbed up on the counter, took out the little glass jar of powered cinamon, and dumped a lump of it on my tongue. It was awful!!! I didn't want to get caught so i just looked up at her and smiled. At this, my mom tried it too, and just about gagged. She coughed cinamon everywhere, saying how awful it was! So, she goes over to her desk, pulls out the cinamon candy, hands me a couple and eats a few herself saying she needed something to get the awful taste out of her mouth. Many years later i told mum what i had really done, she just laughed.

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    No...we didn't have a cookie jar. But I did get caught drinking out of the bottle

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    Actually I did. of course I thought I was cute with the little "who me?" routine and I got the crap beat out of me. but I still think it was worth it. :)

  • Nope. I asked my little brother to do it.

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    Who ME???!!!

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