my gf left me now i feel hopeless wat should i do how can i move on?

my gf of 7 months left me bcuz i was too shy to do anything with her is there anyway i can get her back?

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    1 decade ago
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    hey... i know how u feel ... my bf of 9 months just left me a few days ago as well and it me pretty hard... i guess we both just need to realize that if they couldnt appreciate us for who we are then there really was no point of being with them. Someone out there will love us, and someone out there will think that ur perfect as a shy person, and might help you get over that... both of u together :) that would be special wouldnt it :)

    be strong

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you can always come out of nowhere and kiss her. she would fall back into your arms right then and there becuase thats what she waiting for. im almost 100% that that will work. i also think thats the only ting that can help your situation right now but you have to be able to push yourself to do these things. take a diving board for exmaple. its really high up in the sky and your scared out of your mind becuase you think its going to hurt, well just run and jump and dont sotp running. apply this to her or someone in the future. and eventually youll get used to it and i promise you that. good luck.

  • 1 decade ago

    wow don't try to get her back. she's not worth your time if she left you for something stupid like that. you don't need to be with her. move on and have fun being single. you don't always have to be with someone. go out and meet new people and maybe you'll find another girl that sparks your interest and it will help you forget about your past relationship.

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