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looking for Mate..?

I have a rottie and i want to know if anyone knows of a way to find breeders in INDIANA?


sorry i mislead you rottie is the MALE....

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    Go to the American Kennel Club web sight they have a breeder referral list

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    Have you spoken to the breeder you got her from? Are her hips and elbows OFA'd? Heart OFA'd? Eyes CERF'd? Von Willebrand's negative? Do you know about the dog's in her pedigree? Has there been any EPI dogs in it? Do you have an American or German? Working lines or show lines? Contact the breeder you got her from for advice on a stud. Make sure that you have done the proper health and genetic testing on her before breeding her. Make sure that you have at least $1000 put aside for an emergency whelping condition like a C-section. Are you prepared with a contract for puppy customers? Think of what to put in the contract. Make sure that you ask customers before they buy a pup if they ever intend to breed. Make sure that you completely blacken in the limited box on the AKC puppy papers if they are being sold as a pet. A person a can show in obedience with limited AKC registration, but not conformation, and they can not use the dog to breed and AKC register a litter. Make sure that you have plenty of Large breed food to feed the pups from weaning on. Pups eat more than an adult does!

    Same thing for a male. Get his hips and elbows and all other testing done before he is used for stud. If all this is done, make people get a brucellosis test done on their female before you will let them use him for stud. Contact the breeder you got him from.

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    AKC has as referral list, but there are also plenty of places I'm sure you could check. The best thing to do, I think is to ask your vet. She might know of a good breeder locally, or perhaps she could refrence you to a rescue.

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    Contact the local all breed kennel club which will be listed in the phone book or google it.Then ask yourself"Should my dog really be bred?"Why? What can he or she offer the breed?OFa certified?thyroid clear?eyes checked?Petellas?Von Willebrants tested?Obedience titled?Conformation ChAMPION?pre breeding tests done?If you answer yes,are you ready to buy her $40 a bag food and vitamins and what if she needs a C-section?Do you have a couple thousand dollars stashed away?Assume everything gos OK and you now have 10 beautiful puppies.What if mom rejects them?Or dies in labor?Are you ready to hand feed round the clock and potty all those lil hinys?Ok so mom adores her brood of 10,shes eating 40 lbs of food a week to feed them,Now its time for them to eat,$40.00 a bag puppy food,Shots,wormings...and who will get these gorgeous creatures.You must advertise.a 3 line ad in a local paper runs about $80.00 a week.6 week old pups poop 3 -5 times a day and eat 3 times a day,smell like an outhouse and go through ton of bedding...what if they get sick?Oh my,throwing up,watery poop..Off to the vet hoping its just giardia ot coccsidia because if its parvo,you are gonna be spending thousands and they still may all die.Ok,7 wks,pups are healthy,mom did great,no run all your ads and.......The phone does'nt ring!!!!!

    Do you have$100-$150 a week to feed these babies?a couple hours a day just to clean up after gotta add time to socialize them to because nobody will buy a backward,spooky dog.Are you SURE you wanna do this????? Good Luck!

    Source(s): Breeder/trainer for 30 years
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    The best place is the because you wont get any back yard breeders that way!

  • Anonymous
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    look in the newspapper

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