how do i find a former teacher of my child?

she was a good teacher and we wanted to stay in touch. she is no longer at the school.

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    Try writing a letter and giving it to the district office secretary. She wouldn't be allowed to give you the teacher's personal information but she might send the letter for you. If you include your address, (email and snail mail) the teacher will most likely write you back.

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    Although she may not still be at the school it's likely that they know where she went from there or that she still has friends amongst the staff who could pass on a message.

    Good luck with finding her.

    K x (teacher)

  • MrZ
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    Mail a letter to her former school, and put "Forward if Necessary" on the front.

    But frankly, as a school teacher, I can assure you she is a very busy person, perhaps with new school children, new town, new district, new husband, etc, etc. Leave them be and just remember them in your memory.

    Source(s): a career teacher, now retired.
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    try a people search

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