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low blood pressure??

Im 19 years old, Im pregnant on my 14 weeks, normal blood pressure is 120/80, I'm 95/56 is that okay, or should I go to a doctor?

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    well i had low blood pressure throughout my first 3 months of pregnancy and also i was low on iron...so it cud be just ur first few months..but to be on the safe side..give ur doctor a call..maybe he will give u iron supplements and also keep taking ur prenatals...goodluck! :)

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    Blood pressure measurements don't count for anything if you've been walking around. Ideally, you should be sitting down for at least 5 minutes or so. Blood pressure also can vary during the day, so it's best to get measurements from similar times during the day. No caffeine in the morning either. These measurements should be repeated on a few separate occasions. Some people get "white coat hypertension" when they go to the doctor's office because they are nervous. Probably blood pressure medicines wouldn't kill you. But you don't necessarily need blood pressure medicines if your blood pressure is only high while active. When doctors study the effects of high blood pressure, they study the effects of people who are diagnosed with it as described above. You are probably at no higher cardiac risk from your blood pressure.

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    blood pressure is VERY impressionable, if you take it right away in the morning before getting out of bed it will be really low compared to if you were to take it right after taking a jog. It always goes up and down. What exactly were you doing when you took it?

    Also, if my memory serves me correctly, pregnancy is supposed to lower your blood pressure (something that has to do with all the extra blood in your system). 95/56 isn't a bad number unless it stays like that into tomorrow, so check it again later and then act accordingly.

    (I'm not pregnant but my BP is about 104/60 in my "normal" state...this is not uncommon.)

    Source(s): I work as a CNA to get through nursing school, therefore I pretty much take peoples blood pressure for a living:)
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    The blood pressure is on the low side for you according to what you say is your normal I would be a bit concerned and seek medical attention. You didn't mention if you were lightheaded or dizzy, what prompted you to take it in the first place! If you have been laying around and sleeping all day could be the reason, recheck it after you get up and move around and see if it comes up! Good Luck with your baby!

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    As with anything in pregnancy, if you are concerned, go to a doctor. You will not be wasting their time, for you may be picking up on something that would be harder to treat later, but you may be fine.

    Get an appointment so that you may rest easily. There's so many things to worry about during your months of pregnancy without worrying about things that potentially don't need to be worried about, so please get your answers from a doctor/midwife instead of the Internet.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

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    so long as you are not experiencing orthostatic hypotension--bp drops when moving from laying down to standing up -- real common in pregnancy but can cause you to faint. lay down on your left side, in a fetal position, this will raise it enough to stop dizziness

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    Go see a doctor NOW.

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    every body type is different so, i think you are fine it depends on your weight, height, and how much you exercise so if you are still worried just go and call the doctor so i think you are fine.

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    check with your doctor, you don't want to get health advice online when it can affect your unborn baby.

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