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When must I be required or not required to give my SS.#?

If I buy a new my SSN required so they can establish my credit or for any reason? I've been told never to give out my SSN...but to give my DL. # instead...or if I must...just the last 4 digits of my SSN....Can you tell me what I'm legally right to do or not to do?

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    what you are saying is somewhat true, depending on who is asking for it, like when cashing a check or other things, but if you are applying for a car loan or credit card, they have to have it for credit check...........

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    These companies have strict policies regarding the use of your SS#. They have to have it for credit purposes, but that's it. Never put your SS# on a check. I always use my driver's license number and I put my phone number on it if I'm cashing it.

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    They have to have your social security # to check your credit.

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