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Can I import dvds onto my Video iPod?

I have a video iPod... can I put a dvd into my computer and import it onto my iPod?

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    record it with some program in mpeg4, and then u can

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    4 years ago

    Import dvd video clips to itunes, in the previous each and every thing you may desire to understand the terrific video format for itunes is mp4(AVC/H.264 video encode, AAC audio encode), you in simple terms want a precise utility to transform dvd video clips to precise itunes mp4 video clips, then you definitely can import the converted mp4 records into iTunes, there is an basic way supplies help to, you could try RZ dvd reproduction, it could easily convert dvd video clips to any video records, inclusive of convert video DVD to the terrific itunes mp4 video clips, you could yahoo seek RZ DVD reproduction and get carry of it, artwork nicely, basic to apply, i'm hoping it supplies help to too.

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