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desktop wallpaper?

I found a picture on the internet and want to put it on my desktop, centered because it is too small to fill up the page. i also want to put the wallpaper my computer already has on my control panel to fill up the space that the picture didn't. how can i do this?


i chose not to stretch the picture, and the wallpaper would go really good with it.

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    You might have to stretch it. The window will pop up and click stretch. May I suggest that if you use Google to get pictures for your desktop, click on the image and link until you get a page where there is a blank page with the picture, and then apply it to your desktop because then that stretch effect won't happen.

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    Webshots will make it a wallpaper for you and center and size it too

    free download and free use too

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    Just use the "strech" option when setting it as your desktop.

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    why don't u just send it to paint and stretch and skew it?

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