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hi i am a 14 year old freshman i have this friend that i like a lot and a while ago all her friends said she liked me so i asked her out and she said not now well later her friend told me it was because her parents would not let her until she was 16 wel now we are still 14 and r good friends but i still rly like her i thought i was over her but i am not and she now has has told me she likes me and we talk on aim A LOT but when its in person every thing is so awkward anyways i just want to know ur advise anything will help conversation starters anything thx alot. o and also we dont go to the same high school but we see each other at church

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    This is freaky, this sounded like my best guy friend..about but we dont go to the same church..ok, shes just as nervous as you are, she proboly wants to tell you so much, but cant find the words to say it, so just wait it out!

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    Just take things slow. You are only 14. If her parents don't want her to date then you have to respect that. Stay focused in church, and if it is meant to be the 2 years will fly by. Just maintain a good close friendship. And when the time comes, the two of you will know everything there is to know about one another. But you don't want date against her parents wishes. Let her know that you like, but want to take things slow. Who knows maybe once her parents see how mature the both of you are, they might let her go out. Be patient. All good things, come to those who wait!

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    this happens a lot to people. just be yourselves. try doing something new everyday so that once you see the person you can say it. so then you will have something to talk about. if you have more than one exciting news slow down and tell it one at a time and find another extra topic just in case theres that akward silence again. try asking questions, not serious ones but like funny ones that could start a conversation. ask the person how their day was. most conversations start with questions so thats all you really need to do. (:

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    i am also 14 and i went through the same exact thing ur talking about....i rly lyked this guy that lives in a completly different state! and he is sooooooo shy! so i had to think of SOMETHING to talk about or we would never get anywhere. so whenever i talk to him on the phne, im, email, in person, etc. i made a list of subjects to talk's some of the stuff on the list:

    1. sports

    2. school (classes/grades)

    3. friends

    4. hobbies

    5. hangout places in ur town

    6. parties (and wat happens at them)

    thats just a few things you can talk about...

    you could crack a joke or something...i'm a girl and i LOVE when guys make me laugh! so say a joke or something. Make sure to ALWAYS be a gentleman! don't be an asshole about stuff...its such a turnoff!! be really sweet...every girl (in their right mind)LOVES a sweet guy! and if you want to find out about past relationships...bring it up LIGHTLY. and once again don't be an *** and don't lay it on THICK! you gotta be real with her.

    and if you ever get the chance to meet her parents be really POLITE and say stuff like NICE TO MEET YOU MR. AND MRS.______. they will absolutly LOVE you! and they might even be cool enough to lower her dating age a little...

    if she's worth it to you then just follow my directions! trust me, i have had plenty of relationships with guys...and there's nothing better then a guy whos sweet, fun to talk to, and interesting!

    good luck :)

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    Slooooowwwwww down! You're still young! Your feelings will change as time goes on. Enjoy the time you are spending with her now and the times you chat. When she is 16 and able to date (kudos to her for respecting her parents rules) you may not even like her anymore. Time has a way of changing alot of things.

    And nice talk on your my space page, Katie T. You kiss your parents with that mouth? 14? Gimme a break and act your age!

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    be yourself, and don't try to impress her. If she is your friend, then she likes you for who you are, not for who you are on the computer. You already know her, so half the battle is won. Don't worry too much about the dating thing... you may have heard this before, but if it's meant to be, then it will happen. If not, there is someone out there who is, and will be just right for you - without the nervousness. that's when the relationships can be the best, when you can be yourself.

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    You could always pull her over at church and ask for her phone # or ask if she would like to go out as "friends". Her dad might go 4 that. Or you could always talk to her dad and try to get him to like you. NEVER lose touch with her. That would be the worst thing to do!

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    ok well go out but dont let her parentals kno about it like hang out after school or church. tell them your goin over to eachothers houses to study for a school project.

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    Of course things are're 14! Just hang in there. It seems like she likes you too, it's just that she can't date right now.

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    Take a breath once in a while. Learn what punctuation is for.

    You are too young to date.

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