what caused the reign of terror in the french revolution?

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    It's all there - just read it.

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    The radicals (the coolest republicans) needed a organic republic and moderates and royalists needed a constitutional monarchy like England or a go back to absolute monarchy, respectively. The radicals had to close all competition which they did through silencing the voices forcefully and instilling worry interior the dissidents. to boot to, the so-stated as "fool's preparation guide" answer leaves a lot to be wanted thinking it really is likewise in part incorrect. those that brought concerning the revolution were nobility, yet quite the bourgeoisie. The that technique of the note aristocracy comes from the Greek "aristos" meaning the "maximum proper" and "kratos" meaning "ability". for this reason, the most proper (contributors) carry ability. through affirming aristocracy, it signifies that those in ability took ability. In different words, that makes no sense. The bourgeoisie change right into a more beneficial classification crew of city society that had monetary ability because they were retailers, attorneys, notaries, etc. that they had money yet they needed political ability, of which that they had none. nobility, which may include the king and nobles had this ability yet refused to furnish in to the bourgeoisie's cries. They ultimately revolted even as it change right into a time of famine and the French crown change into financially weak.

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    This should help:

    Historians disagree in evaluating the factors that brought about the Revolution. To some extent at least, it came not because France was backward, but because the country's economic and intellectual development was not matched by social and political change. In the fixed order of the ancien régime, most bourgeois were unable to exercise commensurate political and social influence. King Louis XIV, by consolidating absolute monarchy, had destroyed the roots of feudalism; yet outward feudal forms persisted and became increasingly burdensome

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