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would China japan and USA have war.?

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    I don't think Japan would have another war from since war world and China are maybe smart but their own people would probably turn against them because there are only like 2 states you're allowed to enter in China, because the rest are being prisoners they can only have 2 childern 1 boy and 1 girl or the others would be aborted and they can't choose who to marry, and America, knows better to attack for no reason, but it still possible that there could be a war but i don't think Japan & China would attack each other, i think it would be attack with America falling to the dirt evetually, so i'm thinking of going to Japan.

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    Nostradamus predicted World War III between China and USA at


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    China would rather destroy the US in subtle ways, not militarily.

    They want us as a customer to buy crap from them but politically

    they want to emasculate us as a superpower so they can assume a more dominant role in the world. China would have no compunction about destroying Japan if they thought they could do it without paying too steep a price. They still would like a little payback for what Japan did to China during the decades that Japan occupied China before and during WWII. As for the future of Japan-USA relations. For now they are cordial. As time passes and more young Japanese forget about what actually transpired before and during WWII I expect our relations to sour.

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    Unlikely any time soon, China is a growing industrial nation, and Japan and USA are industrialized, so they may have an economical war, with competing goods.

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    NO, why would they? How did Japan get in this equation?

  • Anonymous
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    Not likely now especially after Hiroshima/Nagasaki.

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    That's very unlikely, pending nothing dramatic to change the political front. If anything, they are allies.

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    No, I do not ever see it happening in my lifetime and/or in the 21st Century.

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    What country is Chinajapan?

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    No, I do not think so.

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