aveyond: where is holloween hills?

i can't find it


in the game Aveyond

Update 2:

where are the hills

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    Halloween Hills is in Wildwoods, although you need to have your experience and weapons updated, the monsters are hard. When you enter Halloween Hills, go west and then south, past the Tavern. There are several paths to explore, the door has an opening in which you must place a skull that you will receive after rescuing the Druid in Lands End (also accessed in Wildwoods or if you already have a rowboat, can be accessed by sea)

    Good Luck

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    Check out this forum, it has all the quick faqs about aveyond - and helpful hints as well as a walk through guide.

    Halloween hills you gotta go to the end land and mt orion, cos once you get the droid free he gives you his skull (before yoiu go there, i strongly recommend that you are at a pretty good level too)

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    Calver is right. Try it u'll be able to reach holloween hills.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its in the hills

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    in america.

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    no clue. srry.

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