How do I get my toddler to quit sleeping with me and my husband?

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    I read all the answers before mine, and they all say pretty much the same "JUST PUT HIM TO BED!"

    Well folks thats alot easier said than done! My daughter wouldn't sleep in her own roon at all either. Always wanted to be with mom and dad!

    We tried everything! What finally worked is a room make over! We got her to pick her favorite characters and colors, tell us where to put stuff (in her own jibber jabber!) and what toys she wanted where. After that she felt alot more comfortable in her very own space so she wanted to stay there. Every once in awhile she wakes us up, complaining of this or that but we comfort her and take her back to her room with out any hassle.

    Be patient. Your little one will want his/her own space soon. Good luck!

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    The best way to do it is try to have a few days when you guys don't have to worry about work (if you can't then just do your best) make sure you put your child in their own bed. Tell them they are going to sleep in their own bed from now on.--you may need a night light, everytime they get up you put them back into bed and say "you are going to stay an sleep in your bed, I love you good night" don't snuggle or play or give into just one more story or I want to sleep with mr.snuggles now. it just give them an out. if you are the one who usually does bedtime maybe Daddy (unless he's a big push over :) )should be the one to tucks him in to start out with. it will be something out of the normal and make him think twice before getting up. Make sure you and daddy are on the same page and show a united front. when he gets up at night take him potty if need be but don't talk that wakes him up more. then put them back into bed and say "you are going to stay an sleep in your bed, I love you good night" they will fight it for a couple days but by the 3rd day sometimes 4th they will get the picture. If you feel you need to prep him a bit you can get a book about sleeping in a bed but be firm because once they break you down the first time they know they can continue doing it. Good luck--- oh yeah I have done this 4 times now.

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    He has his own room, right? Have him start taking his naps in there, if he doesn't already. Tell him he's going to sleep in his own room. Get him all ready for bed, and when he gets in bed, read him a quiet night time story. Spend 10 or 20 minutes with him, reading and hopefully he'll fall asleep. If he doesn't, after a while say goodnight, and close the door. If he gets up, quietly put him back to bed.

    I saw an episode of the Nanny where they worked on that. She made a point that they needed to carry the kids back to bed--not saying anything, just putting them back in bed and leaving. If you fight with them it's exciting--and anything is more exciting than going to sleep! So just keep at it and eventually they will get bored and fall asleep.

    It's important to have a night time rountine, though. Bath, pajamas, in bed, reading, the body starts to learn to shut off.

  • I have 2 kids i never let them sleep with us though....but i watched a show on super nanny one night....and you put them in there crib/bed after you have done everything you need to for the night....then sit right by there bed with the lights off or a night light and he/she will throw a fit cry but you just stay there then he will eventually fall asleep i think the first night was almost 1:30 Min's the mom had to sit there.....and the next night you do it again this time sit a little father from the bed and continue this until you are sitting outside of his room......It really worked on the show....also my sister did it and it worked......the next time you have a baby i wouldn't let them sleep with you for long or this will happen again

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    find a few bedtime rituals that soothe him or make him feel like a big boy, ie a special book, song, prayer. A compromise, a short game or something he really wants. But do nt take hm in once he cries. You have to stick to your guns. And for future reference, do not let the any future children sleep with you guys (even as a baby).

    Trust me I know it is hard, but you can probably have the transition complete in a week or so.

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    It's a tough one hon, one that I'm going through as well. The best thing to do is keep making her/him go back to their own bed. Try letting her/him watch TV in the bedroom, or you can lie down with the child until she/he falls asleep. But you must be adamant about the child falling asleep in their bed, and sleeping in their bed for the entire night. It's not easy, but be firm.

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    This question brings back memories...

    My little brother did this to my parents for the longest time. The solution calls for some serious tough love. My parents used to actually close their door so he could not come in anymore and if he already did they would repeatedly take him back to his own bed. I have even heard of putting a sleeping bag next to your bed each night for her to sleep so that she still has your comfort but not right next to you in the bed. Every few night move the sleeping bag closer and closer to her own bed.

    Good Luck. and remember tough love is needed here.

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    You will not like or enjoy this, but you have to put the child to bed. Tell the child to stay in their bed. They will get up, scream, and carry on. You simply have to ride it out till the behavior passes. My advice for the future is simple. Do not take your child into your bed unless they are sick, sick as seen by doctor diagnosing the child as ill. Not mother or fathers intuition. It will take several nights to complete this task, and you will not get much sleep. Sorry!

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    Well i had the same problem with my son until i told him hes a big boy and big boys sleep by them self, and make the toddler feel that they are secure and every thing is going to be alright when they go to sleep by themself.

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    Explain to him that he is a big boy now and that big boys must sleep in there own bed. Create a reward system for him where the bed is concerned. Is he afraid of etc, nightmares etc. then this needs to be addressed too.

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