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9-11, Was it terrorists or Government?

was it really terroists or was it the government? i wanna know everyones opinion. but check out LOOSE CHANGE on and tell me afterwards wiether you think it was bush, or iraq.


not blaming anyone just askin what people think about the whole idea

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    Loosechange and youtube consiracy theories leave out two important details; truth and credible facts. Everything presented is distorted and relies on unproved theory.

    I love a conspiracy theory as much as the next person but so far the Loch Ness video provides more facts than loosechange.

    We know it was neither Bush, Iraq, or the flight school dropouts they are blaming this on. The question of who remains. The answer will never get out looking at the fuzzy science presented on youtube.

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    President Bush went to Iraq, to a country that had no people involved in the 9/11 events. Saudi Arabia had 15 of the 19 hijackers, but they're our friends. Bush went to Iraq to settle a score on behalf of his old man . . . that is it.

    It's real simple. Osama Bin Laden is more than likely hiding out in Saudi Arabia, living the life. Remember that all the 911 hijackers were Saudis. Not Afghans, or Iraqis. Bush Jr's family has been in good relations with the Saudis for decades for oil profit. Bush doesn't want that to come to light, so he distracted the American people with some BS terrorist threat from Iraq. The US military has been in Afganistan for 5 years. We invaded them before Iraq. Despite all the technology and resources at their disposal, the military has failed to find Osama. Yet they plucked Saddam Hussein out of the dirt in no time at all. What this can only mean is that Osama isn't in Afghanistan. Bush is hiding something. You notice he never speaks about capturing Osama, or bringing him to justice for 911. He only speaks about Iraq being some kind of threat unless we establish a Democracy there. Also, Al Qaeda in Iraq is a myth, made up by Bush and co. to make the American people believe there is some kind of tie between the two countries. Most Iraqis have never heard of Al Qaeda. This is just an excuse to stay in Iraq,because his family, and his cronies are getting rich off this war

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    The question and many of the answers suggest an astonishing willingness to believe any ridiculous conspiracy theory. It is reasonable to disagree on how well the govt did in prevention. It is reasonable to disagree on the need for and conduct of the Iraq war, but to buy into the suggested involvement of US govt in 9/11 is sad. Assuming you don't like George Bush you will gain more converts with rational arguments.

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    This question has been asked so many times, I'm sick of seeing it. "Loose Change" is packed full of errors and unscientific speculation. Salon magazine, a liberal source shredded it. So did Popular Mechanics, which is an entirely non-political magazine.

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology just released a new report that examines these kook conspiracy theories, and explains how and why they are in error. Do not make the mistake of dismissing the report just because it comes from the government. Examine the science for yourself.

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    Why does everything that goes wrong have to be blamed on the President?

    It was a proven fact who the terrorist were and who they were working for, and when things go wrong they blame the President! What about the time when Bill Clinton, during his Presidency actually could have stopped Bin Laden and didn't??

    There will be a new President in a few years and if something happens during their administration, are you going to blame George W. Bush for that too??

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    Probably some of both! I am not sure!

    I AM SURE the government is lying about 9/11 and I would like them to release all the Top Secret papers and tapes they are keeping just so we can't see them! That is why the government redacted 8,000 pages of the final report on WMD's to the UN!

    It damn sure had nothing to do with Iraq and the administration is involved overtly or covertly!

    I'd like to know why he attacked Iraq, if it wasn't for oil!

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    Neither Bush or Iraq silly.

    Was hurricane Katrina Bush's or illegal aliens' fault?

    Some people actually believe that the gov't can manipulate the weather. I guess to wipe out the Mississippi coast and the idiots who stayed in New Orleans.

    LOOSE CHANGE is a proven biased lie, just like Spike Lees HBO special on Katrina.

    Iraq is where the terrorists are now...better than here.

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    IQ's must have sharply dropped over the years, because so many suckers fall for all these conspiracy theories. Too much TV I guess.

    Honest, the US is not responsible for everything that has happened on the planet since the last ice age.

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    This can a worms got opened some time ago and is still rolling around like a spinning top on the floor. The jury is still in deliberation and there's no verdict expected anytime soon. My speculation is that certain members of the press are looking for work and creating their next beat.

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    An army of 2 year old children organized the entire event, including the Twin Towers, and cheered Yippee - in their sandboxes.

    No bad ratings - this is obviously irreverent humor and nothing else.

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