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Where did astrology come from and do you believe in it?

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    Where did astrology come from?

    Astrology’s as old as recorded time. The first written records include information about planetary positions. It was necessary to watch the sky to predict the seasons and develop an agricultural society. Ancient Egyptians used the astrological calendars to plan for the annual flooding of the Nile. Astrology and astronomy were one and the same until the Middle Ages. The ancient astronomers were also astrologers. Ptolemy (2nd century AD) was the author of both the great astrological and astronomical books of his era (Tetrabiblos and Almagest). Astrology is found in almost every culture of the world, as well as being deeply rooted in mythology and religion.

    What makes astrology work?

    Astrology reflects that we live on a planet in a solar system. The Earth is part of the Sun’s family, a unique cell of space in the boundless universe. Each planet is unique in its size, orbit, speed, angle, moons, chemistry and electromagnetic vibration. For over a billion years they have been orbiting our Sun, the radiant source of light and electro-magnetism that holds our solar system together. We are born into this system of electro-magnetism. At birth we leave the watery world of the womb, have our lungs blasted open with our first breath and are imprinted by the atmosphere. Like the first ripple of a stone tossed in water, the rest of life follows from that first moment. While there is no modern scientific proof for astrology two facts are clear: we exist in this physical universe and birth is a unique and formative event. It might be more accurate to say that astrology is a technology, not a science. Like electricity, it works, even though we don’t understand its mechanism at this time. The ongoing discussion between astrologers and scientists can only benefit both sides.

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    Astrology goes back to days of Babylonia and is almost 5000 years old.

    No, I do not "believe" in it because it is not a religion or a faith. A belief requires faith in something at the expensive of it not being proven. Astrology is valid and proven to those who take up the challenge to study it thoroughly and to those who have had their charts read accurately.

    Astrology is a field of study which correlates the movement of the planets to our lives here on Earth. Do I think that it is valid -- Yes.


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    Greek Mythology. Astrology based from constellations-reading. I believe it... I've check it, in my horoscope-daily... many more. And it's true! I love astrology. But it doesn't mean that I don't believe in God..!!!

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    Ancient Greek probably the first one, but the Aztec also very big in astrology. Aztec were first one invented calendar date etc..

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    The Greeks and Romans even the Aztecs have been considered experts in it. Yes i believe in it to some degree.

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    there is a lot of cr@p out there but there are a select few that i do believe in it just makes so much sence when you get into it and how it links with tarot and every thing around use.

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    no, i don't believe in it....but it seems like you can really put yourself into the 1st person when you read matter how vague it is, you can identify with what is being said.

    might be human nature just to want to know the good stuff, if the horoscope is bad, we say....this stuff isn't really true anyway

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    Don't know where it comes from....I am guessing the Egyptians for they are the founders of all creation...and hell yeah i believe in it!

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    I don't believe in it. Only God knows my future.

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