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where is the catalyst converter and the two sensors for it in a 98 ford windstar? diagram if posibble.?

I went to get my inspection sticker and fail because of it.

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    Start at the tailpipe where the exhaust comes out of the engine. This will be at the back of the vehicle. It's a pipe about 2-3 inches in diameter, and you sometimes see steam coming from it when you run the engine. I don't have a diagram, but I think I can walk you right through to where you need to be. If you will follow this pipe up and over the rear wheel area, and keep going to about midway of the vehicle, you will come to a sensor sticking out of the pipe that has wires attached to it. This is an O2 sensor, and it should be in the pipe between the muffler, and the catalyst converter. Now follow the pipe once again toward the engine and you will come to a Y in the pipe. One will go to one side of the engine, while the other will go to the opposite side of the engine. I believe you will find two more sensors in the pipes, one on each side, for a total of three, not two. You will also find a total of three catalyst converters. Some crap hu? I'm a certified master mechanic, and IF you will do as I say, you will be back on the road in no time. Now, go to AutoZone and have them do a diagnostic check on the vehicle to see which sensor, or sensors are bad. They don't charge to do this! They will tell you which sensor or sensors are bad, where they go, and sell you the parts to fix it with. Once you fix the faulty sensors, drive the vehicle for a while to clear out the codes, and to burn the suit out of the exhaust system. Do this in a place you can go like 70mph for and extended time of at least 20 minutes. Now go have the inspection done again and it should read just fine. Catalyst Converters don't go bad, but they can get clogged from not fixing the problem when it first showed up. If this don't fix the problem, you might have to put a new Catalyst Converter in. It will be the one between the muffler and the Y pipe. Use Caution when removing the O2 sensors. Use a small screwdriver with about 1/8 inch straight blade to unlock the connectors. They break easily, so you need to be careful! If you do break them, use a Zip Type wire tie to hold the connector together along with some tape, and make certain the wires don't touch the exhaust pipes or it will ruin the wires. The difficulty of this job is about a 7 on a scale of 1-10, so you may want to find a mechanic to do this for you. Good Luck!

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    On a 98 windstar, I think you probably have 4 catalysts, and 4 oxygen sensors in the exhaust system on a V-6 engine. Even if you only have 2 catalysts, you will probably have 4 sensors. One on each exhaust bank in front of the cats, and one on each exhaust bank downstream of the cats. The sensors for catalyst efficiency are the ones furthest downstream in the exhaust system. Your problem could be the sensor or the catalyst.

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    The converter is right after the exhaust manifold and the sensors are between the converter and the manifold. If you follow your exhaust system from the rear, tailpipe, muffler, connector pipe, coverter, sensors, exhaust manifold.

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