Is it possible to prevent the apocalypse/rapture?

I'm not cool with it and I believe we are capable of being better than this. I know it's prophecy, but prophecies can be changed. Time is the 4th dimension and not fluid, it is possible scenarios. We can alter this event into one that celebrates are abilities to understand and succeed. Why are some giving up so easily

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    I don't think they're giving up, Cory. They believe this is how everything will end. The End of Days, they call it. This fantasy is based on the fever dream of John. It's not real. It's a delusion. Consequently, I don't believe we need to do anything to alter the event because this event will never happen.

    What we need to do as human beings is whatever we can do to make the world a better place. It's unfortunate, in my humble opinion, that this fatalistic view of how things will end relieves the believer of any responsibility in the present. In the now. Equally unfortunate is the fact that the believer is waiting, hopefully, for this end to come. If anything, we, the human race, should be grabbing the fatalistic believer by the flack-jacket and shaking some sense into them. If we don't, this world will continue in its downward spiral with the next generations suffering the obvious consequences.

    A devastated environment.

    Holy wars.


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    If you stop believing in fantasy and get on with your life, you'll do a lot more good for humanity than being misled by religion. Consider this.

    God and Religion are just man-made nonsense.

    Imagine you’ve just been launched into space, you look back and watch the Earth through a rush of clouds turn into a beautiful blue green and white coloured ball. Seems so peaceful, how could such an inspiring serene picture be home to so many violent selfish greedy human residents.

    The hours pass and Earth turns into an ever reducing multi-coloured little marble, and all around is darkness pitted with twinkling white stars. You strain your eyes and watch Earth disappear into a barely visible flicker of light, and still all around is just darkness pitted with twinkling stars.

    You fall asleep and when you awaken everything looks the same. Darkness scattered with distant stars. You’re lost, you have no idea where Earth is, up down, left right, Earth has gone for good. Everything is just darkness and stars in every direction you look.

    Now ask yourself, do you really believe that violent life on some planet that you’ve no idea where it is, has the answer to everything around you.

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    The rapture in the fundamentalists/evangelical sense doesn't exist. It's not real. The book "Revelation" is not plural. It's not Revelations. It's a revelation that John had. Things that he saw. Basically he was describing one giant mass. The triumph of Christianity. It's hard to explain it all. I suggest picking up a book called "The Lamb's Supper" by Scott Hahn. You can listen to it in audio as well. Message me and I'll give you the link. It's free.

    There will be a day of judgement. Yet the whole idea of people being "raptured" and dissapearing is b.s., as far as I know.

    in fact, here:'s_Supper

    I also have a 2 part series of someone who believed in the protestant rapture but then came to futher understand the real truth about it. Message me and I can send those mp3's.

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    Apocalypse is a book in the Bible. The word means “revelation”, and so it has already (supposedly) happened. If that is true, then no, we can’t prevent it. The word you are looking for is Armageddon; the destruction described in the book of Revelation. The rapture, as described by many a fire and brimstone preacher, is also not preventable (again, if true at all). As several Christians have pointed out in their answers to my questions,”God does not change his mind”. This seems inconsistent with the idea of Jesus offering a new covenant, but that’s another question.

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    I am Catholic and never heard of the rapture until i saw 60 Minutes or something about a book that some guys wrote. I don't believe in it and it is foolish. Why would God punish people that perhaps have never even been exposed to Christianity? It makes no sense at all.

    One of the most profound sentences about God I ever heard was on a popular TV show of all places. It was an episode of "Touched by an Angel" which I just happened to come across while flipping around. I missed 3/4 of the show but this guy was in dire straights and had lossed someone he cared for and was screaming out to God about why he let this happen, etc etc, and then an angel played by Bill Cosby came to him, and I will never forget what he told him. He said " God doesn't cause pain, God heals pain". If memory serves, Bill Cosby around this time had lost his son or something pretty bad in his life and I thought to myself, you know, he is right!

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    Ok, first of all ... the rapture will not take place until the Gospel reaches the 4 corners of the Earth. Secondly, rapture is not in the Bible, but neither are most of the words in our Bible because the original Bible was not in English - it was in Hebrew. It cannot be prevented but it can be postponed - only by God. And it's not boloney. Everything in the Bible has either happened already, is happening now, or is going to happen. Anyone who says that (not talking about the asker) is someone who has never read the Bible.

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    Why is it people who cry a pair of conflict on faith continuously those coming up the conflict? Hypocrisy. Adultery, lies, and hate are what they promote. Then while real Christians get disillusioned at those issues they cry they're being attacked. Take each and every Tea occasion attack propaganda assertion., take out Obama's call and Plug in Tea occasion and it oftentimes holds fact. they think of people vote by making use of occasion and watch Fox! LOL! via fact of this Newt thinks a baby gaining knowledge of to scrub a bathroom is greater substantial than practise. they prefer a dumbed down society. this is way less confusing for them to regulate. We not have freedom interior the regulation making dept. madness and Sheep...How lots greater will we ought to take?

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    At one time I thought that Revelation was a warning, and we

    could get around most of it. Alas, after being confronted with so much arrogance. I know everything in Revelation will

    happen on que.

    The most we can hope to do is prepare ourselves mentally,

    physically, and spiritually.

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    What you are asking for is very possible. Remember the prophet Jonah? that is the clue and I do not think it is just a wishful thinking.

    Peace, Environmental control on pollution, forest, industrial, ocean and endangered species, racial descriminations, energy reservation and resolutions, equal distribution of wealth and breaking socio-political barriers. One God, One world, One People

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    When have you changed events by using the fourth dimension time.

    the last days events and the rapture aren't negotiable.

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