should suicide ever be an option?

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    Unless, you're suffering with tremendous pain and with no cure in sight then yes. Otherwise, life's already too short and you're going to die anyway so make the best of what you have here and enjoy it. It's like a dream and you know it's just a dream so you want to take advantage of the dream because it's temporary. Life is temporary. Live by this quote: It's not the life that is important, it's how you live your that is important.- Cupid

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    Yes. People have the human right to choose what to do with their lives, even if it's destructive and hurts others. That doesn't mean that I approve of those decisions, and it doesn't mean those decisions won't have nasty consequences, and it definitely doesn't mean that other people don't have the right to try and stop you, but people should be able to choose.

    Let's say you're a man who has lived with cancer for ten years. Your body is wasting way, you're constantly either unconscious or wishing you were, since the pain is so bad. You know your death will be long and lingering. Yes, I believe the option of suicide is one that should be available.

    But more importantly, I think that other options should be available first. Like the option of living in a home free of abuse. Like the option of getting the right care from a psychologist who truly wants to understand and help you. Like the option of starving yourself, cutting yourself, taking drugs, or doing any other destructive thing, if that's what it'll take to keep you on the planet for another day.

    When people feel hopeless and helpless (in psychology, we consider those the most crippling characteristics of depression - feeling like you can't do anything, and nothing can be done) they tend to see there as being much fewer options than there really are.

    Sometimes the best option is just to wait, sleep on it, get yourself through another 24 hours, and survive.

    Best of luck.

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    Suicide should never be nor is a viable option, but none the less it is an option for some. It never really solved anything but takes one number out of an equation. There are too many help groups out there in todays society, but whether pride or ego or what,most refuse to use them and resort to solving problems way beyond their capabilities. So they feel theyre way in over their heads and end their lives. Most who talk about suicide wont commit suicide, but are looking for sympathy from others. Its usually the ones who are thinking about it and are keeping it locked up inside so no one around them sees any problems til its too late. So suicide is never the right option!

    Source(s): Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Pyschology
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    Never. Whatever you are going through, it can be resolved. You need to see a therapist or psychologist if you are having these feelings. Suicide is being a coward. Whatever is causing you to have these feelings must be something bad, but you can change that. God is the best person to turn to in this point in your life. There are so many things/people to live for, you've got your entire future to plan for! You can leave the state you're in and move away where you can start over. Everything will work out. Good luck, no suicide.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well I always say that there are two sides in life, homocide and suicide. I haven't felt like killing myself in a long time. If suicide were an option, you really could not tell how things turned out afterwards, because you would not be here.

  • 1 decade ago

    Suicide should be a option. Not looked at as a "sin" or "selfish act".

    Everyone should have the right to commit suicide if they want to. No other person should have any control in their decision.

  • 1 decade ago

    When I was a teenager I could understand how the mental pain i was feeling would feel far less painful than suicide. I'm glad I opted NOT to do it. I know how you are feeling. Trust me, life gets better. Just keep your head up. Talk to someone...anyone. You need a support chain...friends. The fact that all these people are answering your question is proof that you are special and cared for. Please chose life.

  • Patty
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    Suicide is not the answer to any problem,no matter how big or small.Any obstacle can be overcome. You just have to find the strength within youself to fight for your life.Things may seem unbearable now,but you can't take your future away by killing yourself.You have your whole life ahead of you,and all the joys it can bring.Don't rob yourself of the best years of your life that are still to come.

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    NO NEVER, because that's such a permanent answer for such a temporary problem. nothing on this planet should ever make you think that that is the only way out of a situation . there is always another way to handle things. your body heals your mind heals your actions on the other hand don't if you kill your self you cannot heal

  • Stuart
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    1 decade ago


    Suicide is a permanent solution to temporary problems.

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