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Why Wont My Wife Let Me Have Sex With Her While Shes Breastfeeding?

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    Can you not wait for a couple of minutes for her to finish breast feeding befor you ask her.

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    If "while she's breastfeeding" means "during the time of day that the baby is attached to her nipple," she won't have sex with you because she's a human being and you aren't.

    If "while she's breastfeeding" means "during the months in which she is providing the primary nourishment for your newborn," you might consider asking her what she is concerned about. Once she has recovered from labor and delivery (note, however, that this can take several months), there is no danger to the baby or to the mother from having intercourse. You need to find out what is making her uncomfortable and address that.

    There are two things you should know about nursing mothers that might affect your sex life with her:

    1 - Most nursing mothers' nipples become VERY tender, and not in a good way, while breastfeeding, especially after the first couple of teeth. If you were previously accustomed to nipple stimulation as part of foreplay for her, prepare to put that on hold till Junior is on solid food.

    2 - Many nursing mothers commonly express (a fancy word for "leak" or "dribble") a little milk when they become sexually aroused or stimulated. So she may want to wear a top during intercourse, or put down a towel and have sex facing down, until after the baby has stopped nursing.

    As a final observation: it IS possible for a woman to become pregnant while breastfeeding, so don't count on this as being a safe time. Continue to use your preferred method of birth control during the nursing period.

    Oh, and though you don't ask -- it's thin, much sweeter than cow's milk, and not nearly as pleasant-tasting as I expected. :-)

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    English language isn't common at all. Americans know very little about it!

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    uh, cause she's busy at the moment is a thought. and thats not something good for the baby to see is another thought!

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    What a moron - have some respect for your poor hungry child!

    Source(s): LPN - mom to many!
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    You might squish the baby.

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    A question for a question...why would you want to?

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    Why dont she just leave you?

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    your f------- nasty-control your- self freak!!!

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