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symentech vs mcafee vs other products!!!?

ok i just had norton anti-virus and i always kept the software updated but it didn't deleted a viruses when i got a 2. so now i'm using mcafee internet suite 8 and is really good ,it deleted 3 viruses and i trust mcafee and i will never change it , what do u think is the best today anti-virus, so symentech and mcafee is the two biggest company in the world . what do u have ???


and i dont trust free anti-viruses like an AVG . free= trash

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    They are both junk in my opinion. Actually from past experience Symantec is the very worse garbage out there. Norton, (Symantec), is a software that does not like when you uninstall. It will leave atleast 300 fragments attached to all of your programs and system.

    They hide an if you go to and download their Registry First Aid and use it during the test period you will see how much of norton/symantec is left in your system. This program will remove all of the garbage in your registry & system.

    The program I use is the very best in the world in my opinion.

    The program is used by the government of China.

    Being a clinical psychiatrist I have a moral and legal obligation to keep my pc 100% clean from all virus/spyware/malware.

    I tested every free and purchase antivirus system known. An I found only one that actually works 100%. Never had a virus or spyware in my system in nine years.

    Go to, and download thier Twister AntiTrojan Virus program. (You will have to pay a small one time fee). You will never have to pay an annual fee for updates, support or new versions. The one time fee is for life. ($29.99)

    The software company is located in Beijing, China. They have excellent support, frequent large signature updates an as always all new versions are free. No annual fee for anything.

    Comes with a real time scanner that really works. Actually I am quite amazed over the nine years how well it works.

    Scans memory on startup.

    Real time scanning in the background.

    Open any webpage with an embedded trojan/spyware or malware and scanner will clean on the spot. An It is really removed from your system.

    Download any kind of program from zips, software files, music, etc,etc, an if there is a hidden embedded trojan,spyware,malware, this program will stop the download and clean. An will advise you to end the download.

    Will even find a virus in the installer wizard, like "Wise Installer". And will stop the installation while it is being installed and clean. Plus this program always will trace back who installed the trojan.

    I had a trojan in and wizard installer. Twister caught the trojan and stopped the installation. I wrote the origianl company and told them the wizard installer had an embedded trojan to steal your data. The company now uses thier own installer.

    You can't beat this software for a one time purchase fee only. Actually I don't know of any antivirus progam that even comes close to this state of the art technology.

    All I can say it is worth the one time fee. Your pc cost alot of money and you don't want it destroyed. Plus your privacy is protected at all times.

    There is nothing in it for me to praise this program. I tell it like it is. If it is crap then I will say so.

    Make sure that all of your microsoft patches are current.

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    Normally I would agree-- "you get what you pay for." But in this instance, it's just not true. AVG Free is by far and away the best anti-virus program I've ever used. Norton's and McAfee's bloated software cause conflicts and problems that I've never had with AVG.

    AVG Free has a simple update interface which can be set up on a daily schedule, as can the full system scan. It is incredibly easy to use, and it doesn't hog resources and memory like its competitors.

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    Free doesn't always equal trash. I have several security programs that are free. I've been using them for almost four years with no problems whatsoever. On the other hand, McAfee's latest upgrade (I was a paid subscriber.) really messed things up. Until I got it completely off my computer, I wasn't able to do e-mail and most times couldn't get on the Internet. I googled it and learned that others were having the same problems with it. Prior to installing the newest version of McAfee, things had run great, but I don't need a program that is going to make my life more difficult.

    Source(s): personal experience
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    Ofcourse Mcfee is good but as per my view it is not good as Norton Anti Virus. First thing is that if you make survey that you will find most of the users are using Norton Anti Virus(As I have Contacted to the people and asked to them). And Even if you go to any comany and industry they are using Norton. And the reason is that it is very Worthwhile to use Norton. I have tried all antivirus Softwares from online and buying from the shops as well. But after some times all are worthless (not working properly). Because I got call many times from my bank that your computer having virus so please repair or format your computer and letus know to active your account. But After using Norton since last 3 months I haven't got any call from anywhere. That means Norton is Working properly as compare to others....Thats it.

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    i think AVG, i was unable to remove "redlof" virus...using mcafee or symentech but AVG worked for me...and moreover it takes less memory so it is faster and it's having free version with many facilities...SO I VOTE for AVG FREE.

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    Norton and mcafee are both resource hogs

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    i take advantage of kaspersky and locate it extra helpful than the others --I even have had all of those on my computing device at one time or the different try this trial kaspersky information superhighway sec 2009 for loose --use the 30 trial and u will see why i went with them

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    whatever you do don't go for mcafee, it slowsdown your system to a turtle pace

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    mcafee works for me, it really does keep your computer clean try it.

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