Do I have shopping anxiety? Lately, I have had a hard time shopping for anything.?

My husband gave me the okay to go shopping for clothing a couple of months ago, I spent the entire day trying to find something to buy but I just couldn't. It also happens for grocery shopping. I get into the store and I just feel overwhelmed. I can't make any shopping decisions. Please help!! I can, however shop for household items without any problem. I can buy toiletries and cleaning products all day long but when it comes to clothing and groceries, I'm lost!!! Is there a term for this condition and where can I find more info? Would this be considered anxiety?

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  • ena k
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    1 decade ago
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    I don't know if there is a term for it. But I think from to time it does happen to many of us. The routine of carrying out all of our chores does start to get bottle up, especially after a rut of years. Add to that dissatisfaction of an overwhelming market of product and styles. I have had and heard friends over the years comment on the overwhelming stress and chaos in the shop environment. Feeling gouged financially at the register.

    Take a break. Try to get the most of each visit so you don't have to go everyday. Plan ahead. Have a list. Schedule for less hectic times (crowds and long lines) of the day.

    If it is giving you physical stress, please see your doctor and get a referral from them for stress management counseling.

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    I know what you mean. I too find the grocery store overwhelming lately. I used to love to shop but now I find myself avoiding all shopping.

    It may well be anxiety brought on by the overwhelming number of choices you must make for each and every item. You have to choose from several brands, sizes, colors, shapes, ingredients, prices,..

    Have you experienced anything lately that would make you question your abilities? Have people been critical or insulting to you? That was my experience. I have gotten better as I have experienced success and praise.

    For help, I recommend talking to a good friend. If it persists, then perhaps some medication for anxiety or depression.

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    It could be a form of anxiety. Try looking at this web site. It might help you recognize other symptoms you perhaps are not aware of. Discussion with a doctor may also help you decide how to tackle the problem and he/she can recommend a counselor

  • Anonymous
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    Has to be a woman thing. Guys go into stores to buy specific items, and get the h*ll out !

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  • 1 decade ago

    Maybe you are stressed out and need a change of venue for a while.

  • tanya
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    1 decade ago

    sounds like you are suffering from depression, talk to a therapist, they can make you feel better

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