To help quiet the feuding on Yahoo Answers....?

There seems to be a growing feud between people who want YA to be constantly serious, and people who want to allow it a more offbeat side.

So here's an about having a special category for Goofy or Offbeat questions. It will be a place to go when you just want to be goofy and offbeat and relaxed, and not try to solve the world's problems with your oh-so-brilliant answers.

Meanwhile, all the more uptight puritanical types can still pose and answer their more serious queries in the usual places and with the usual results.

Would that help? Please discuss.


Oddball, you jump to conclusions. Why do you think I don't want any rules? What I'd like is a new place for asking offbeat, oddball questions (as it were). That itself implies a rule and an organizing structure, no?

And yes...I do think there should be places here reserved for the more serious discussions. But what's wrong with having a new topic area to accommodate the age-old human tendency to be wiseacres and posers of koans, etc?

As for your chatroom suggestion---well, that's hardly the same type of medium, is it? Chatrooms are live action. Y.A. is a blog. We like the blog.

Update 2:


A couple of you have observed that people wouldn't always place their goofy questions in the proper cateogry. Well, that's certainly true. It's been true of any other category as well But at least having a place for this "special" type of query would be better than nothing. Gradually it could become a place for oddball-types to congregate and do their thing in relative peace, leaving the more serious types to do their thing in relative peace as well.

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    as a meeting place for ALL yahoo participants, it's inevitable that the puritans and the irreverents would clash at some point. segregating them into two groups sounds like a good idea, but as someone else pointed out, it would be hard to enforce this rule. unless you were a card-carrying puritan, or had a goofy-password, it would be almost impossible. besides, half the fun on YA is watching what happens when bozo pokes a pilgrim.

    the feuds will continue, in a forum as diverse as this, some folks will always see it as their place to question and criticize those whose opinions and philosophies differ from their own. at least on YA, no blood is shed as happens in real life when worlds collide.

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    In theory your approach would help. But in actual practice, I don't think it would make any difference, because it seems as if people don't pay much attention to the categories as it is. There are questions about human sexuality in the garden and landscape category, questions about aeronautics and engineering in the special education category, and generally offensive questions in virtually every category. So giving people the option of goofy or offbeat is unlikely to solve that.

    And I don't think that most of the people who object to certain questions are necessarily puritanical or uptight. I think that many just have the expectation that users of the Yahoo site will make an attempt to follow the user guidelines, which are really not particularly restrictive. It's really not asking too much of people to refrain from profanity, racism, or perversion of a level that would justify incarceration if acted upon. Anyone who feels the need to engage in childish put-downs, potty talk, and topics and language that are offensive according to the Yahoo guidelines can always find like-minded individuals on other sites, or start their own site.

    So while I appreciate your attempt at a solution, I'm afraid that it's unlikely to succeed. Sorry...

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    Good suggestion. Perhaps the powers that be at Yahoo will look into it. Personally I don't mind any questions unless they use obscene language and racial hatred. There are some silly ones I don't bother with either and I can't understand why someone would ask 'Blue or red?' or 'How old am I?' Still, it's their points they are wasting I suppose.

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    Ya know , i enjoy smart *** answers to my questions beside serious ones. Up lifts my spirits, gives me something to laugh about each day!

    I love a person (human) with a sense of humor. If majority of these serious citizens deserve to be placed in a different category, more work for Yahoo Answers. Totally up to you! Have a Great Weekend~ Love ya @ artsie

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    its a good basis to work off of,,,, but i see two major underlying issues that could halt all efforts for the cause.

    i believe the problems would be that most would not or do not believe their questions to be "goofy"..... and even if they do see it as such, i see in all probability, they will not "place" them in that category , for fear of nobody answering them.... or even looking at them.

    but then,,,, who knows.... given the seemingly large amount of this type of questioning...... just may work.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sorry, but people can't put their questions in the right categories as it is. One more category isn't going to make a difference. The stupid, inane, chatty questions are still going to be categorized wherever the asker chooses to put them.

  • 1 decade ago

    that wouldn't help much......part of the joyof asking offbeat questions is getting crybaby responses

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You sound like one of those that don't want any rules. This way you and others can turn this into a piece of crap. There are lots of places for you to do that. They are called chat rooms.

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