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my cactus-?

my friend has bought a cactus(she like plants??) she dosent know how to take care of it. help?

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    Your cactus was probably not in full sun when it was purchased. If you are going to put it in full sun do so gradually over a period of weeks. Some cactus should not be in full sun and will turn yellow if placed there. It is a good idea to buy a cactus book and look up what type you have so you will know how to care for it. Most likely a cactus bought at a store like Target should not be in full sun especially if you live in a real hot climate. Water when soil is dry. Transplant to next size up pot only. No garden soil.

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    keep it outside full sun when you can, water sparsly ( one a month is good, but water deeply)

    Source(s): I own dozens of them
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    water it once every three months

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