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I need to break my lease in illinois!?

Me and my now Ex girlfreind moved into a one bedroom apartment together with a one year lease. Since we have moved in, she has become a horrible roomate. I can't live here anymore with her, what do I do? How can I possibly get out of the last seven months of my lease? Please help, i am very very desperate.

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    I would suggest contacting the apartment owner first and see how that goes. You may also want to contact an attorney. If you paid a security deposit, you will most likely lose that.

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    check with an attorney and if you can't afford one check with a local tenant/landlord association

    good luck in the future

    no mo roommates G

    try living alone or with one or two guy roomies

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    Pay a consultation fee to a lawyer. If your name is on the lease, chances are you're on the hook.

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