help girls i feel embarrased?

yeah i know its kinda lame but i need help

what is "going to first base" and what r the four bases?

only serios helpful answers please

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    * First base Kissing, especially "French" kissing.

    * Second base Fondling or groping, especially of the breasts or genitals.

    * Third base Depending on the speaker, either oral sex, full nudity or a non-intercourse orgasm (especially when resulting from oral sex) or dry humping (clothed genital to genital stimulation). Sometimes, fondling below-the-waist even without orgasm is included.

    * Home run (or "Hitting it out of the park", etc....)—Sexual intercourse.

    A number of other baseball related euphamisms and variations on the original metaphor exist.

    * Strike out No success at all. Where striking out looking means no success because one did not try to "get on base" and striking out swinging meaning the partner refused any attempts.

    * Ejected No success as a result of becoming "just friends".

    * Two Run Homer Sexual intercourse two times in one night.

    * Three Run Homer Sexual intercourse three times in one night.

    * Grand slam Sexual intercourse four times in one night (sometimes sexual intercourse after knowing the other person for only one day) or anal sex.

    * Inside the park home run A non-intercourse orgasm resulting from dry humping (clothed genital to genital stimulation).

    * Walk A goodnight kiss, celebratory kiss, or any other kind of non-romantic kiss.

    * Batting practice Refers to masturbation.

    * Balk Premature ejaculation.

    * Batting for the other team/Switch hitting Typically means the individual is homosexual or bisexual, but could also mean they are heterosexual, if the term is used by a homosexual person.

    * Scoring Sexual intercourse. This is not exclusive to baseball. For example, basketball.

    * Pitcher The active or top partner in (especially homosexual) anal sex or sexual intercourse.

    * Catcher The passive receiver or bottom partner in (especially homosexual) anal sex or sexual intercourse.

    * Ground Rule Double accidentally fondling, especially breasts when falling on a girl.

    * Stealing a base means advancing to the next "base" prior to consent.

    * Stealing home means rape.

    * Double play is a reference to sexual intercourse with two separate partners at the same time.

    * Triple play is a reference to sexual intercourse with three separate partners at the same time.

    * Picked off a base means being refused any more "bases" because of perceived lack of skill or ability.

    * Thrown out at the plate Intercouse is refused at the last moment as a result of, for example: physical appearance in the nude, not having a condom, or inability to obtain an erection.

    * Rain Delay postponing of a date/romantic encounter due to unforseeable circumsances (mood, headache, parents etc).

    * Being called up from the Minors having a sexual encounter while not of legal age.

    * Slump Buster is having a sexual encounter with someone who you are not attracted to, for the sole purpose of getting back in the game.

    * Bunting for a hit is taking what the defense will give you with little to no effort in a desperate attempt to get on base (or hooking up with an ugly person), can be used to get out of a slump.

    * Walk off is a happy ending.

    * Walk off Grand Slam - a satisyfing one-time sexual encounter, as in a one-night stand.

    * Breaking up two is when a jealous rival prevents you from turning a double play.

    * Corked bat is when a man takes performance enhancing drugs.

    * Double switch is an attempt by a man to change the point of penetration, without warning the female.

    * Pine tar is semen.

    * Charging the mound is when two guys fight over a desired female, who was flirting with both men.

    * Hidden ball trick is when a man tucks his penis behind his legs, also known as man-gina or fruit salad.

    * Taking one for the team is involving oneself in a sexual act for the benefit of ones friends or associates. (sleeping with the ugly chick so your friends can pick up the other women).

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    first base it kissing on the lips

    second base is getting tounge

    third base is feeling up the body while in seond base mode

    fourth takes it home

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    LOL, first word of advise...if you don't know what they are, don't do them. Everyone's is different, but here is what I think

    1st - french kissing/making out

    2nd - foreplay

    3rd - almost intimacy

    home run/4th base - intimacy

    Please think about things before you act on them.

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  • Jess
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    1 decade ago

    I think kissing is first base. But after that, Im too old to know what all that is.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    You need to stick with T-Ball a few more years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1st base is when you hit your ball and you run.

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    omg i pitty u

  • 1 decade ago

    idk but i'll guess the 3 beez




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