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This year I have grown cucumbers and peppers right next to each other. The cucumbers grew.?

The peppers didn't. What was the reason? Are they incompatible?

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    They are compatible despite cucumbers need more water than bell peppers, specially when they are growing the fruit, unless you over water the peppers and the plant kept growin but did not set any fruit...or pepper´s plants died?. Another thing could affected peppers is Tº, cucumbers are more tolerant to warm Tº, and peppers with wide Tº´s variations or high Tº´s tend to abort flowers

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    Because I am restricted to space in my greenhouse, I always plant cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers, (both bell and sweet banana peppers) right next to each other Starting around the end of April to mid May this is because these 3 items are our favorite veggies and do not want to wait till July or even Aug. to harvest them. Have been doing this for many years and never had a problem. Although this year we are experiencing very few bees and as a result not too much fruit, Where are you located?

    In previous years we used laters liquid pollinating spray and had very good sauces. This was because of very few honey bees to help with pollinating chores. Am interested to hear from you and if you have any success. mnazarov@telus.net

    Good luck

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    I grow cucumbers, peppers and tomatoes next to each other every year and they don't interfere with each others growth. It may have something to do with the seeds or seedlings that you used, but it definitely hasn't got anything to do with them being together.

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    Sounds like the cucumbers robbed all the water and nutrients from the peppers.

    Now, will you answer MY question?


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