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Let me rephrase, " What can we do as a society to eliminate the over crowding of animals in our shelters? "

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    If we ENFORCED leash laws the number of crossbreed litters would drop drastically. Most crossbreed litters are born because dogs are making their own breeding decisions out on the street. Almost EVERYPLACE has a leash law, but AC cannot be bothered to enforce it. It needs to be enforced with large fines and a court appearance.

    This would also cut down the number of dog attacks as well. The elderly man killed in Kentucky some time back was killed by dogs that the senior center had complained about numerous times over the previous year

    You'd think we were talking brain surgery here. You can pass all sorts of stupid anti-dog laws like MSN, breeder licensing, pet limits, tethering laws, etc, but that only hurts the responsible owners. It DOES NOT affect the people that are to stupid, lazy or uncaring to manage their animals, why ever would anyone think the thugs or uncaring owners will go trotting on in to comply?

    But the animal rights people don't want workable solutions, they just want to make animal ownership harder and harder until noone has pets anymore. If they didn't have an overpopulation problem to gnash their teeth about, what would they use to push their no more pets agenda? Isn't it funny the way the AR groups push pet limits and wail about overpopulation at the same time? Isn't it funny that they make adopting a pet really hard (in many places anyway) and wail about overpopulation at the same time?

    Source(s): SICK and TIRED of fighting to be able to have animals!!!
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    Education Education Education! Most people do not understand what it means to get a dog. They just see a cute little thing and say i want one. They dont think about possible behavior problems, all of the costs incurred, the responsibility and hard work it takes to own a dog. If more people thought about it before just picking up a dog, not so many would be turned in everyday. Also, if we could set stricter rules on breeders, than breeders would be more responsible and check out all of their adopters first and not just any dick or jane could breed dogs. Maybe a mandatory spay/neuter to any non-akc registered dog would help too. Most people are so ignorant about the way the world works when it comes to dogs, spend one day at a humane society or animal shelter and you can gain a much better understanding of why things are the way they are. I worked at one for a long time and it sure opened my eyes. There really isnt much that can be done until we cure our society of ignorance about this subject. Also, donate to your local humane society or animal shelter, they need all the help they can get.

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    People tend to impulse buy and not research. Different breeds different personalities. People don't get it. They buy a dog can't get it to behave and throw it away (the pound). All you can do is try and educate people, and adopt not buy.

    Getting rid of dog shows? It's not the show dogs that I see in pounds. I see puppies from puppy farms. People that breed show quality animals are usually extremely responsible pet owners. My family raises German shepherds and are very picky about who the sell to. My mother was upset that one pup she sold had thousands of dollars spent on him. (training) He was taken hiking before he was a year old and injured. That ended his schulzhund career. The owner would have put him down. My mother took him back. Neutered him and kept him. Showing dogs does not contribute to animal shelter over crowding. They happen to be some of the people that contribute the most money to rescue organizations.

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    I think that there should be some sort of system to euthanize them according to temperament. Alot of dogs are turned lose and abandoned because they are mean - those are the ones that they need to put down first. Then, do health tests on the others - the sick ones should go next, etc. I'm all for humanity but this is a big problem.

    Source(s): Experienced Cocker Spaniel owner/breeder and Vet Tech -
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    the answer is obvious. i worked in a shelter for 4 years and got so disgusted that i had to move on. peoples stupidity in this area is unreal. i didnt want to kill animals in the first place, but it was part of the job and i was told i was doing the community a service. in order for a shelter to get the necessary funding, they usually have a contract with the city to inforce the animal laws. i was actually sworn in by the police dept. and was given a badge. i found when neighbors were pissed off at eachother, they would report the others dog. most of the calls i took were on that line. there were a few abuse cases where i felt good about what i did, but for the most part, it was the worst thing ive ever done and haunts me to this day. we tried an educational program in the schools, but it wasnt the kids who needed educated, it was the adults. you would not believe some of the stuff that happened and how stupid people are when it comes to this. my idea was to have the people who brought in litters of puppies and kittens would have to kill them themselves if they wernt adopted, and the same with others who would drop off their pet because they didnt want them anymore. that was voted down by the board of directors and i quit at that meeting. i think my idea would have helped a little to increase peoples awareness. its still digusting to me.

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    having your pets spayed or neutered is the best way, but most people don't think they can afford it, but where i live we have a low cost clinic for pet, it real neat i Vol. there some time and what happens is once a month a truck cost to our location and we load the dogs on it and they are taken to the low cost clinic. The reason it is cheap cause that is all these people do is spay a neuter cats and dogs

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    1-i think there should be a campaign out there to put an end to dog breeding and dog shows.perhaps celebrities could lead this campaign since they have the media forum and seem to be the biggest advocates for animal rights.

    instead of breeding dogs and buying them from breeders, we should be encouraging adoption.

    2-create more low costs or free spaying and neutering services

    3-more public education and awareness on the proper care of animals, stressing the importance of spaying and neutering.

    4-fines for irresponsible pet owners whose animals are left to wonder out of their yards

    5-although euthanising is an unfortunate thing, it is a necessary evil. many animals who are not adoptable, particularly because of bad temperment, living the rest of their lives in a shelter is no way to exist. so i think we should either find a way to ban "no kill" shelters or if someone is forced to take a pet or stray animal to a shelter, encourage them to take them to a shelter where euthanization is practiced.

    6-when an animal is adopted out, have owners sign waiver that they will get the animal fixed and then have the shelter or rescue have a follow up within a couple of months.

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    We can start by spaying and neutering our pets and any strays we find. Second, we can choose to adop a pet rather than buy them from breeders.

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    spay and neuter your pets there are some places that do it for free also people need to adopt animals (i just adopted a dog today )

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