What do you wear when you work out at the gym? a shirt?sweatpants, mini shorts, jacket? bra?

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    I generally wear a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes.

  • well if you are embarrassed wear some old school gym apparel or sweats and an over sized shirt and i do mean over sized try and remember we are all built differently and as a training plastic surgeon i can tell you the most fit women who work out over 14 hours a day still get lipo because your body finds places to store fat that is some of the most difficult places to work out without causing a huge muscle increase but regardless it would just find another spot so don't be discouraged and just know what you can look like and know that all those personal trainers probably have sex with every one that goes in i myself have learned my lesson in that area i didn't get nothing but i did find out he had been with 2 of my friends and he was living with one for a while so just get to losing weight and don't care about anyone

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    It is up to you and the weather. I personally wear longish light weight pants, sports bra and sleeveless teeshirts. During a sweaty workout I would like to take my shirt off but I prefer to keep covered out of modesty.

  • 1 decade ago

    Sports bra or tank and shorts

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  • 1 decade ago

    sports bra and tank top over. and sum short shorts and sum nice shoes to workout in

  • 1 decade ago

    i usually wear a tight yet comfortable shirt with basketball shorts.that way you look chic and comfy. REMEMBER only wear bright colored bball shorts

  • um.. i wear sweatpants and sort sleeve shirt more you sweat for weight you lose

    Source(s): my mom told me that you sweat you lose weight
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