We have a 2 yr old boxer & just got a new boxer puppy today.Our 2 yr old has started drooling excessively. ok?

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    1 decade ago
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    Your older boxer should be fine. Dogs drool excessively out of nervousness or anxiety. Your old dog could just be confused by the puppy and not sure what to think. It may take your old dog some time to get used to the new baby in the house, but the drooling should get better as he becomes more accustomed to the pup. If it doesnt get better soon, or gets worse, take him to the vet, they can tell you if it seems like something more serious.

    Source(s): I worked at my local humane society Own 5 large breed mutts Have had dogs all of my life
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    4 years ago

    She could be in basic terms going threw an element suited now, have been u crying lots during your being pregnant? each and every so often thats the clarification too, yet at 2years previous it would desire to be an ailment too that u made would desire to ascertain out which incorporate your scientific professional. wish that helps, can u help me with my project?

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