An Iranian-American Woman to be a space tourist?

Would that not be totally awesome?

She lived in Iran until she was 16, then moved to the United States with her family. By contract, she is not allowed to reveal how much she paid to go on the trip, but it's around $20 Million dollars!

Now here's the main part of my question? If someone who came over from a third world county has a spare 20 million... what boat did I miss exactly? I mean, imagine to be that well off... yeah, here's an extra 20 million just lying around, I think I'll buy a space ticket!

(Not that I begrudge her the chance to go. It would surely be the experience of a lifetime.)

I'm just wondering how you pull down that kind of cash. Is it real estate? Software? Oil? Best friends with Bush? Anyone know the secret?


Let's not make this a Iranian vs. American thing... that completely misses the point of the question.

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    Well, Anousheh Ansari, after getting her degree in engineering, and her husband and his brother founded a communication company called TTI in 1993, which they sold in 2000. They then went on to found another company (Prodea System) and she is the chairperson.

    They donated $10 mllion to create the Ansari X-Prize, which Burt Rutan won with the Space Ship One.

    She worked and studied hard for her money, and desserves all the admiration she gets.

  • I think it is wonderful. Too bad NASA is totally anti-market when it comes to space, that so far only Russia is catering to (albeit very rich) consumer demand to fly people into space. Burt Rutan receiver of the ANSARI X-prize, will probably help lower costs eventually once he has regular flights going.

    It is obvious that her family has had a long standing interest in private consumer space flight. Shame on the ignorant war-bots here who imply that she has ulterior motives. Iran is not a 3rd world country, but if the neocons get their way they will turn it into one before enough people ever learn the truth.

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    Immigrants often have a stronger work ethic than average and also tend to be bigger risk takers, or else they would not have been immigrants in the first place! One of the things that has kept the US strong is the flow of immigrants. Compare the poor born in this country to poor new immigrants, and then compare them again 20 years later. Guess who is generally better off?

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    Here's how...Iran is not a third world country. There are lots of educated people over there. But, I do think it was probably family money that allowed her to go.

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    I feel totally happy for her.

    being a female and an Iranian,


    i dont know why people confuse this with politics,

  • Jess
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    Actually most of those people were sponsored into space, they didnt actually pay that money themselves. They basically just sell their image to the highest bidder, and vow to give interviews and go on talk shows in their favour.

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    Okay, like when I read that I was plenty happy for the woman but I stopped and asked myself why the f**k it matters that she is Iranian-American? What does that have to do with ANYTHING! That was stupid prejudiced news reporting. The real story has nothing to do with her ethinicity.

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    Having an iranian back ground, most likely Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave her the money to go and blow up the space station.

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    Makes me wonder how the Iranians can hate us? We have nothing! They have everything! Whatever! Does it endear me to the Iranians? What do you think!?

  • 1 decade ago

    i wish i knew, i wanna go to space too gosh darn it

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