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Ladies:How do you do design twisters and spiral caurls in your hair????

how to make your hair curved in different directions to make designs and with spiral curls. Also, how to make them have volume so I can cover the top part of my ear(that's where my bluetooth will be)don't wanna get caught at school.Thanks

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    Use a spiral curling iron or just tilt your regular iron up and curl back toward you starting with the ends of your hair.

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    hair spray if your hair is long, gel if your hair is short; then use a roller brush and roll your hair into it (depending on if you want then curling in or out) and use medium/hot to blow dry.

    also, i went back to china, and a girl did my hair: (small curls)

    brush your hair and pick out locks of hair; take a chopstick (or wooden paint brush) and twist your hair around it, then use blow-drying technique or a straight iron to curl it by clamping it on the stick...

    hope this helps ^^

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    After I wash my hair I take my roller brush and blow dry straight through.

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