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I just ordered an item and the tracker says that usps is delivering. It is either coming today (didnt), tomorrow, or labor day. I was told that they dont deliver on Labor Day, and I did research and that is true but I couldn't find if they delivered on Sunday. Someone said they didn't but I saw on the website they did! Soo confused, please help me!!!!!!!

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    USPS does not usually deliver on Sunday or on Holidays (Labor Day included), unless you have specifically paid for a holiday or Sunday delivery. If you see their ads at Christmas time it seems they deliver everyday, even Christmas, but you have to pay big time to get that kind of delivery. You should be getting your package on Tuesday.

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    I just LOVE Post Office Questions! I have worked for them for years!

    First off, how did you have the item shipped? If you paid a lot for Express Mail, then it would be delivered 365 days a year! If you had the item shipped by Priority Mail, it would be delivered every day but Sunday or holidays. Parcel Post is a slower way, and although you can sometimes track it, it will take longer. Remember, when a company says it shipped an item, it doesn't always mean that day. Most companies use what's called a consolidator, who gathers all the packages going out of the area, and drop-ships them to their destination to save the mailer money. In some cases, the parcel might travel twice as far to get to you, due to the consolidator's shipping schedule. Check with the company, or check your invoice to see how the item was shipped.

    I hope this helps!

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    For the USPS, Sunday is not considered a delivery day. Special Delivery used to be an exception, but I don't know if it still is. If your ordered item is being shipped by the Post Office, you should probably plan on getting it Tuesday at the earliest.

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    They do not deliver on Sunday, I guess it may be Tuesday till you get it.

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  • Anonymous
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    no for labor day and no for sundays...sorry only mon-sat

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