What is the difference between div 1A and 1AA college football schools?

I'm interested in the exact details. What is the number of enrolled students that sperates the two? What is the size of the stadium difference? What is the Income difference? Basically, if there is a 1AA school that wants to become 1A what would they have accomplish?

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    It's not necessarily a matter of enrolled students - Northwestern is smaller than Florida state, but both are 1A. And Washington University in St. Louis, which is the same size student body-wise as Miami of Florida, is DIII

    The NCAA puts schools in various brackets based on the size of the stadium and how many people actually do attend games at said stadium. That's the defining characteristic of school division.

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    The game is essentially the same. There are some minor differences in the rules, like in college football you only need 1 foot inbounds to make a catch, in the NFL you both feet in. In college football the clock stops while the markers move when a team gets first down. There are just some small rule differences like that... nothing big. The biggest difference is strategy, b/c the players are all bigger, faster, and stronger. For example, in college football there has been a recent trade towards more mobile QBs running the ball a lot more. But the NFL has not, and probably will not, move in that direction to the same extent because of the fast and strong defensive players that could injure a QB. So, the difference is mainly based on the difference in quality of players (mainly the defensive players), which is why some offensive players in college football suffer when they get to face the defenses of NFL teams. Hardly ever does a defensive college star struggle in the NFL... think about it.

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    The first answer is correct. Though I could add that attendance is a main factor, constantly bringing in 20,000 fans, good facilities and a winning record year in and out. Then the AA schools have to apply and wait for an opening of a school that has been losing and cannot bring fans or an expansion to a current leage. It helps to have alot of dominateing AA preformances, like wins by 28 or more, and being competitive when playing 1A schools, if not outright winning the games.

    Marshall is my hometown team, and did this a decade ago. They played and beat MAC schools(1A) while they were in 1AA and even conference USA teams. They held 20,000+ for almost ten years, built a new stadium 30,000 capacity and were invited soon after to the MAC, dominated there and moved to conference USA 6 years later, and has better bowl bids.

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    That's a good question

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