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how can a shy guy ask out a girl with out felling embarrassed and scared?

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    MAN life is full of dissapointments. And rejections. And the only way to get over being embarrassed is to just go fot it. You'll realize its not always as bad as you think it is.

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    It's time to grow up and I mean that in a good way. You see, in real life you are going to have to take chances and you might get embarrassed or scared. A brave man is not a man who has no fear, but a man who takes CONSISTENT action despite that fear.

    I'm assuming you are not chronically shy where you would need a therapist's help, but just mildly shy. The problem that most men make is that they ask a woman / girl out before there's any attraction built up. You can also pass her a note like the guy in WEDDING CRASHERS (played by Owen Wilson) or you can walk up to her, put your personality on display, and then ask her out. But dont' necessarily ask her out right then and there. Just ask her for her email address.

    Another key thing to remember is that if she doesn't go for it, then she is NOT the only girl out there. Don't get a case of "tunnel vision" and start thinking that you HAVE to make it work out with any ONE particular girl. That's not fair or being realistic to yourself. Too often I see men beat themselves up because they walked up to a woman, asked her out, and she said "no" or "I have a boyfriend". Then they go home and act depressed for the next week or month! Yes, there are men that do this!!!!

    There's no need for that. If I were you I would go to different city where no one knows you and start praticing talking to girls. First, talk to a couple of service people to warm up such as cashiers or helpers at department stores. A shopping mall is agreat place to do this in. And don't start approaching the "10"s first. Start off with the 5's during your first week or two. Make sure you approach as many girls as you can. You don't have to ask them all out, in fact, I don't recommend it.

    Start off by just saying "hello" or "what's up?". I have a very playful personality so I like walking up to groups of women and just saying "Hey ladies, you guys have a guilty look on your face...what kind of trouble are you getting into this evneing?"

    Approaching girls is a SKILL. So just like learning how to skateboard or play a video game you have to PRACTICE. Most men don't like to hear this or believe it but it's true. After I spend one weekend many years ago approaching a ton of girls at Disneyland I boosted my skillset (approaching and conversation skills) by 5 fold! And today I can talk to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. Though not at funerals like "Chaz Reinhold"! lol

    A technique that I used to use when I was really shy is that I would picture the girl with a clown's face, a big red nose, and big red shoes, when I would go approach her. Every now and then she would ask, "Whats' with that grin on your face?" And to build anticipation I would merely answer, "Ah....maybe I'll tell you later."

    Take baby steps and you'll get there.

    Rod Cortez

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    Some girls think that shyness is cute. However sometimes it is annoying and unnecessary. This is one of those times. If you wanted her as much as you say, just ask. What reason is there to be embarrassed? Yeah, she might say no, but that'll just mean that she isn't right for you.

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    well, if you were extremely hot then the girl might say yes

    but if you were okay loking then, try to get to know the girl first

    im pretty sure shes really wanting to meet you to

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    stick to playing dungeons and dragons or seeing them starwars flicks.

  • in class or in the hallway slip her a note.. saying "will you go out with me?"

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    just do it. no matter what happens it doesn't have anything to do with you personally. girls like confident guys.

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    ask her in a letter or have a friend do it for ya or ask her over the internet.

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    go up to her and start talking to her and just casually ask her

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